AMD Caribbean Time Attack Challenge: 13.Sep.15

AMD Caribbean Time Attack Challenge: 13.Sep.15

Amar Motorsports Development launched the Caribbean Time Attack Challenge and Car Show featuring the  Hott93 & V8 Boys on September 12-13th, 2015. This Time Attack Event was the  first of its kind since the rebirth of the Wallerfield International Raceway in August 2014.


Article by Rod Amar.

The President of Amar Motorsports Development, Rod Amar, has been in the automotive industry  for over 15 years. Operating out of Fort Lauderdale since 2000, and in Trinidad and Tobago since 1959, the Amar Family has been involved in every facet of the automotive manufacturing industry and now has been dedicating time and personal finances for the continued growth and development of the motorsports industry in Trinidad and Tobago.


AMD decided to start with the World Phenomenon of Time Attack as their first genre of Motorsports Promotion in Trinidad and Tobago, which is geared toward getting the “street tuners” and seasoned veterans with sorted race vehicles out for a day of competition on a real race track, under real race conditions.

This event brought out 21 competitors, ranging from the up and coming street tuners and some seasoned CMRC veterans out for some action.


Race 1 Group A – Richard Persad  in his  EVO X had the fastest time of 55.255s closely followed by Neil Gopeesingh with a time of 55.422s.


Race 2 Group B – Siddique Chowtee dominated the group with a 51.236s over Jairam Nanan (53.368s) and the one and only MAD COW (54.209s).


In Race 3 Group C – was a 4 way battle for the fastest time with Ronald Wortman and his B16 Turbo Civic Hatchback (47.282s), edging Alister Rahamut a seasoned autocross competitor in his Turbo Mitsubishi Evolution (47.550s), followed by DWO drifter turned circuit racer for the day Mazden S15(47.568s), Rainier Amar’s CMRC Group 2 EG6 Civic (47.875s) and another drifter turned circuit racer for the day (Pilot K) Kerry Phillip(47.991s).


Race 4 Group A – Neil Gopeesingh was seen scrapping his car down in the pits, removing everything possible to shed some weight to equalize the playing field and boy did it work, he turned in a blistering (50.478s) 5 seconds off of his previous time of 55.422s in Race 1, either it was the weight reduction or he finally ditched the lawnmower engine for a traditional 4 cylinder, Venus Miller was second with a time of (53.354) seconds.


Race 5 Group C & D –  Allistair Rahamut(46.421s) took it home edging out the Turbo Orange Civic of Ronald Wortman(46.525s) for the win.

Race 6 Group B – Sideeq Chowtee(49.799s) barely squeezed past Neil ”lawnmower” Gopeesingh (49.990s) and Jairam Nanan(51.107s) for the big win……If Neil keeps up this pace we are going to have to have a lawnmower lowered time attack class opened up.


Venus Miller in her White Sailun Sponsored Altezza battled Richard Persad’s Red EVO X back and forth for the entire race, she made a pass on the top corner to pass Richard on the final lap and led all the way through the chicane coming out of the bottom corner when Richard pulled her on the front straight to take the checkered flag like he knew it was his all along, smooth and fast….Venus Miller plans on getting some more ponies under the hood to take the the wheel to wheel portion of the Time Attack Series next time.

Race 8 Group B SHOOTOUT – It was a great race between Ronald Wortman’s Orange “Fireball” Turbo Civic and Allistair Rahamut’s  Evo 5 for the top spot in the Group B Shootout, with Wortmans/s Turbo civic taking the win to close the day. Third place went to Kerry Phillip, fourth place went to Mazden’s S15 and fifth to Rainier Amar’s Group 2 Honda Civic.

Amar Motorsports Development would like to thanks all the competitors who came out and put on a great show, to the fans that came out I would like to say thank you for the support and kind words. To all the Sponsors who believed in AMD and our Entire Team by supporting us in a new Genre of racing to the Caribbean I would like to personally thank you for your continued support as we could not have done this without you.

Article by Rod Amar.



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