AutoSport Drag + Time Attack

AutoSport Drag + Time Attack

ARA @ ARC Drag and Wind(ing) 10th July 2011
Written by Rawle Mahabir of AutoSport

Finally after nearly 5 years AutoSport was able to stage an event in T&T.  This brought many from varying disciplines to participate in one Event – certainly what was hoped to have achieved at the Arima Grand Prix, (and that matter is far from over) and finally getting some relief for many of those who entered that Event and now able to relieve a tiny bit of pent-up racing energy.

We were also able to pull together many from other disciplines to assist and work and ensure a truly exciting Event. And for this we say special thanks to CARS and TTKA. We also were able to dispel the perennial rumour that AutoSport had no equipment having sold (what was our original equipment) to Grenada many years ago.

And of course the AutoSport Team/crew fell back into managing their respective responsibilities without missing a beat.

The event was conceptualized in the first instance to satisfy the urge to race, for those who were frustrated by the repeated refusal of permission for the AGP. And from the start was intended to be different, not to be a challenge in any way to Solodex, to the extent that the Management of CARS were among the first to be notified of our intent.

Thus the combination of Drag and Wind(ing) with several other suggestions being put forward by the management team that worked to ensure the success of the Event. The track layout was meant to be fairly simple for this first Event, yet we did see some Wrong Directions (WD) throughout the day. Even here we permitted some drivers to have some input in making small changes as we went about finalizing the course.

In competition we also tried to be as fundamental as possible with three classes. Taking the word of competitors as to the state of tune of their cars, and hoping for fairly equal competition. This we believed was achieved to a great extent, and all participants were comfortable and had tremendous fun.

It was good to see a nice cross-section of stock cars, not-so-stock and fully-prepared racing cars, all showing off their colours and driver’s abilities in this environment. From the standard Suzuki and Honda, to the Evos and Subarus, the wild and grossly complicated Turbo/Supercharged transformer-looking Time-attack/circuit/whatever Subaru, prepared by Peak Performance, and the overly large IROC-Z with the overly large driver, who showed that he had some overly large talent in maintaining total control as he tossed that maybe 4,000 pound monster wherever he wanted.

Of course can we forget that final shoot-out between those two Subarus that recorded the two fastest times of the day, and had everyone screaming as they approached the final sensors?

We note the positive comments coming out of this Event and thank all for their support. And the million-dollar question asked by everyone… When is the next one? Our response is we are definitely coming back, and in true AutoSport tradition, the next one must always be better than the last.

And how about the display of the times on the big scoreboards for everyone to see!

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