Drag & Wind #4 2012

Drag & Wind #4 2012

As the AutoSport-promoted Drag and Wind(ing) Events continue to attract the best combination of Competitors, Spectators and Sponsors, the organizers are starting to see a very interesting trend in performance.

Not daunted to stage Events at the compact Arima Race Course Car Park, which incidentally is also home to Karting and Solodex Events, it can be clearly seen that innovative thinking can always surpass any hurdle encountered.

With a combination of Circuit, Rally, Solodex, Drag and even Karting drivers all being participants in this Event, the “bragging rights” at the end of the day turns out to be quite a discussion. Especially when the ages of drivers range from the young and daring starting at just past 19 years, and rising to the ripe mature age of 65, with both extremes coming out on the podium in their respective Classes. A most interesting perspective that just makes this unique Event even more enthralling to the spectators.

And taking a look at one of the more desired prizes to be won, the Best Reaction Time, it is just incredible that the difference between the top five drivers was a mere 4/1000th of a second. This is determined by the competitors launching off from a standing start just as the starting lights turn green – on this occasion this was won by the very mature and possibly most experienced Clive Sugden in his Subaru STI registering a .501 seconds Reaction Time.

Other outstanding performances came from first time entrant, but certainly no newcomer to racing Ryan Pinheiro who registered the fastest time of the day in winning the top Class 4A in his Mitsubishi Evo 6, just getting the better of Sugden in a best two in three run-off.

Class 3A saw a new winner in Mayank Ramlakhan staving off Regan Birbal, 3B saw Devon Bartholomew holding off Denniston Smith and Ajmal Mustapha, strange to see all of these competitors in rear-wheel drives still holding their own.

Racing for the first time in 2012, in three Events, David Lyons has posted two first places and one second in his Turbocharged Suzuki GTi, and this after moving up to the very competitive Class 2A.

And Kirk Ho Hing finally made it back to winners row in Class 2B with the VW sponsored Jetta.

The Honda Civics ruled the roost in Class 1 with Rudy Beekee returning to competition and winners row with his Honda Civic in Class 1A and Stephen Hosein in his Honda Civic SIr also scoring his second consecutive win in Class 1B. Next event is carded for June 24th.

Attached Picture shows Clive Sugden in his Subaru STi. Sugden won the Best-Reaction-Time Award, placed second in the top Class 4A and now is overall points champion amongst all competitors – not bad for a 65 years young competitor.

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