AutoCross #7 2019 – Championship Shootout!

AutoCross #7 2019 – Championship Shootout!

And so, that’s it for out timed CARS Autocross events for the year. And what a year it has been. We had a lot of new competitors, together with the die-hard ones, making a full year of close quarters racing. Autocross #7 has always been our main event to finalize all the other events, thanks to the much anticipated Championship Shootout where we crown the Autocross Champion of the year.

Competition was close this time around. We had 5 competitive classes, with a bit of class swapping to make the competition even more competitive this event. OPEN class had 5 competitors with most of them asking to race in that class solely to compete against each other. Daniel Persad came out with his freshly tuned, literally fire spitting, ‘tobo dong’ CS Lancer. We got to admit, it’s working better than ever judging from his times. Adrian Persad had some issues with his EK Civic Hatch the morning of raceday (don’t know why he decided to mess with it when he knew the last race for the season was around the corner) and ended up using Runul Roberts’ EG Civic Hatch to compete. We also had a guest appearance from Viju Badaloo in his Evo7 GTA and Jonathan Baksh jumping into OPEN to try and challenge Daniel as he always does.
5th – Jonathan Baksh – Subaru WRX – 48.214
4th – Adrian Persad – Honda EG4 Civic – 47.663
3rd – Daniel Persad – Mitsubishi Lancer (Turbo) – 47.246
2nd – Viju Badaloo – Mitsubishi Evo7 GTA – 46.855
1st – Runul Roberts – Honda EG4 Civic – 46.264

EP-R Class had the most competitors with some really close times among the top. We had Moses Moonsie and Anil Mack battling it out among the top. We saw Devin Samad pushing harder than ever for that top spot (and his times have greatly improved because of it). Next year we feel he will get there. Vyshall Nandlal set a pretty near perfect lap on fatigued tires (and you should see that celebration. Real Kuch Kuch Hota Hai style with the car as the tree), and Colin Higgins driving his Subaru STi like he stole it.
8th – Shiva John – Subaru STi – 55.847
7th – Dave Ramlogan – Datsun 240ZX – 52.433
6th – Colin Higgins – Subaru STi – 50.710
5th – Shiva Maharaj – Honda EK Civic – 49.577
4th – Devin Samad – Honda DC2 Integra Type R – 47.746
3rd – Vyshall Nandlal – Subaru STi – 47.577
2nd – Moses Moonsie – Honda EK Civic – 47.551
1st – Anil Mack – Honda EG Civic – 46.713

EP Class was small, but was the battle of the All Wheel Drive cars. We had Shevon Sinanan in his you-need-a-spoiler-to-complete-the-look Evo4, Arif Ali in his wow-that’s-a-bright-blue 2015 Subaru WRX (4 door) and Kevin Kiston in his really-nice-highway-cruiser Subaru Legacy 2.5GT.
3rd – Kevin Kiston – Subaru Legacy – 50.934
2nd – Arif Ali – Subaru WRX – 50.116
1st – Shevon Sinanan – Mitsubishi Evo4 – 49.921


ESP Class was a nice mix as well. Coming out from the cobwebs was Ramon Rabathaly in his wish-it was-his-Ford-Escort Toyota Corolla (maybe next year we will see the Ford making an appearance). Then we have the frequent competitor Kristopher Lucky battling for top spot in his EG Civic Hatch. The next competitor was Dominic Smart, first time competitor, racing his Suzuki Swift Sport. We welcome you to Autocross and hope to see you next year. The 4th competitor was Marion Hamilton who is somewhat still new to the sport, but he’s proven to put down very respectable times in his KFC fuelled Honda EK Civic. Rush delivery IS available in Arouca when he’s on deliveries.
4th – Dominic Smart – Suzuki Swift Sport – 52.383
3rd – Ramon Rabathaly – 50.996
2nd – Marion Hamilton – 48.640
1st – Kristopher Lucky – 48.314

HS Class is always a very entertaining class. This is a class where we see the most different of vehicles compete in stock form. Driving a stock car fast requires all a driver’s skills to control a car that most likely hasn’t been set up for this kind of driving. When you see HS Class, you immediately see Christopher Ragobar in his ‘it have flood on the highway? No problem’ Suzuki Grand Vitara and Trevor Van Sluytman in his ‘gotta make it to the grocery before it closes’ Ford Focus Wagon. But don’t laugh, ‘cause these guys will make you wonder how they can set such quick times. Then we have Jemarc Quash Boxhill in his Nissan Tiida, who is a first time competitor. He came to spectate, but ended up competing. He improved on every lap by over 15 seconds. We hope to see you compete next year as well. Just goes to show you don’t need to own a sports car or something modified to participate. Bring what you got and race it. The driver mod is and will always be the best modification you can make. Ryan Ragbir in his Mazda 2, bone stock hatch has been a frequent competitor and continues to improve his time at every event. He as well improved on his time by over 8 seconds. The final car of the class was Ian Jangai with his Subaru Impreza. It’s the only CVT transmission driven vehicle of the day, but it works gooood.
5th – Ian Jangai – Subaru Impreza – 57.180
4th – Jemarc Quash Boxhill – Nissan Tiida – 55.244
3rd – Ryan Ragbir – Mazda 2 – 54.244
2nd – Trevor Van Sluytman – Ford Focus Wagon – 51.016
1st – Christopher Ragobar – Suzuki Grand Vitara – 50.254

This wasn’t the end of the competition however. The points were tallied up and the final competitors for the Championship Shootout were selected. The Championship points are derived from each class winner from all the Autocross events. The class winners will all be selected to partake in the Shootout. One specific vehicle selected by the executives where each driver will have only 1 lap to set their fastest time (all autocross rules apply). No practice, no do-overs. This removes the aspect of who has the ‘fastest’ car, and leaves the driver with only his driving skills to compete with. This year, the Championship Shootout vehicle was Christopher Ragobar’s Suzuki Grand Vitara. We had 6 competitors for the shootout.
5th Place – ES Class Winner – Marion Hamilton – 52.445
4th Place – ESP Class Winner – Kristopher Lucky – 52.017
3rd Place – EPR Class Winner – Moses Moonsie – 51.517
2nd Place – HS Class Winner – Trevor Van Sluytman – 51.424
1st Place – EP Class Winner – Runul Roberts – 50.547

Congratulations to Runul Roberts on winning the Championship Shootout and becoming the Autocross Champion 2019.

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