Autosports Drag&wind 16-8-2015

Autosports Drag&wind 16-8-2015

AutoSport’s D&W Event #6 was held on Sunday 16th August at the ARC Car Park. This followed just two weeks after the Tobago Motor Maniacs Wings and Wheels Event, and #4 the preceding week – so between July 26th and August 16th, we have been able to execute D&W #4, #5, and #6.

At #6 competitors would have confirmed their running Classes for the remainder of the year, making execution of sessions much easier. Common complaint was there being too many runs this time – tyres being worn out and then coming back to the finals where all finalists had the opportunity to run for best two in three to determine winners.


We do have our current points standing showing some close competition and as of now everyone in contention will be seeking to get every 10-points available to be declared Class winners and possibly Overall points winner.


We are also now seeing that separate competition for Best Reaction Time producing the very first winners with perfect 0.00 reaction times. First done at D&W #4 by Anil Mack and the ever-consistent Olatunji Rudder-Fisher gradually moving from 0.003 to 0.001 and at #6, his best RT of 0.000 to date. Some have really learnt the correct technique for getting off the start line and matching the appearance of the Green Light.


Most interesting to see the entries in the TTASA “Super Car”  Circuit race, are the main competitors  coming out of the AutoSort Drag and Wind Events, this we shall speak more about in a separate feature, on the exposure of a whole host of new and younger Motor Racing competitors who have been getting a good grounding in the ARC “Car ParK”, and then moving up to the next level of Circuit Racing.

Also with the realization of clashing dates, our new dates for D&W #7 will be 20th September and D&W #8, 18th October.


Best Reaction Time Sponsored by ADon Construction Ltd.
Olatunji Rudder: 0.00s

Fastest Time of the Day

Kirk Ho Hing: 53.002s

Class 60+s Sponsored by AutoSport

1st 111 Venus Miller Altezza 2000
2nd 204 Shiva Maharaj Honda Civic 1800
3rd 616 Viju S. Badaloo Mazda RX8

Class 59s Sponsored by AutoSport

1st 909 Terr Rampersadsingh Suzuki 1500
2nd 63 Pete Arrindell Swift GTi
3rd 152 Trevy Hosein Mazda Miata 1800

Class 58s Sponsored by Caribel

1st 11 Brandon Steele Mitsubishi Evo 8
2nd 22 Sarah Partapsingh Mitsubishi Evo 6
3rd 82 Christopher Ragoobar Nissan Cefiro 2000

Class 57s Sponsored by NEXT Electrical Services

1st 611 Kemmie Phillip Toyota
2nd 739 Shane Allen Mitsubishi Evo 9

Class 56s

1st 24 Barry Mykoo Subaru STi
2nd 125 Nick Permanand Mitsubishi Evo 10
3rd 337 Dario Jordan Box Lancer 2000

Class 55s Sponsored by Blue Mountain Waters

1st 235 Olatunji Fisher Rudder Subaru Impreza
2nd 48 Rajendra Singh Nissan Lucino 2000
3rd 602 Nirvan Maharaj Audi A4

Class 54s Sponsored by Tuner Imports

1st 229 Shalan Mack AD Wagon 2000
2nd 227 Aaron Achan Subaru STi

Class 54s Sponsored by Carib

1st 94 Alistair Rahamut Evo 5 2000
2nd 105 Kristopher Kahadar Mazda MX5 2000


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