Bad Granny Ltd. Motorsport: 18.Oct.14

Bad Granny Ltd. Motorsport: 18.Oct.14

Let’s say you had to create the perfect automotive event. A little bit of cars, a bit of bikes, a dash of boats, perhaps a truck or two right? Well that’s exactly what Bad Granny Ltd. had done when they concocted their first event labelled Bad Granny Motorsport on the 18th of October 2014. Personally the most successful part of this event was stuffing all of these vehicles into one location, O2 Park. The topography of the venue allowed for many different displays to go on simultaneously without hindering another. For a perfect event you’d also want perfect weather, luckily enough for this bunch it was all sunshine, all day long.

So about that concoction, Bad Granny managed to pull vehicles from the various motorsport clubs such as the Trinidad and Tobago Karting Association, Trinidad and Tobago Rally Club, Trinidad and Tobago Drift Association, Trinidad and Tobago United Drag Racing Association, Autosport Racing Association, Trinidad and Tobago Powerboats Association and CARStt

A dash of old school.


A dash of new school.


A little bit of bikes, a little bit of drift.


It all ended with a live band playing and hot bikini models to launch Bad Granny’s new water sports outing, WET.


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