Bad Granny Motorsports 2015

Bad Granny Motorsports 2015

As a car enthusiast and Speedhunters fanboy, seeing photos taken at events like SEMA and Tokyo Auto Salon always manage to activate my onion glands as events like these are far from my reach and I shed a tear or three. But this weekend brought some comfort as the team at Bad Granny managed to conjure up an event of similar sorts, though obviously at a smaller scale at 02 Park, Chaguaramas.

From what I’ve heard, piecing together an event is kind of like restoring a car- a complete pain in the ass, but Bad Granny did a great job combining classic cars, with motorsport clubs, new car companies, off-roaders, stunt bikes, automotive suppliers, media, drifting, kart racing and just about anything with wheels.


Overwhelmed.  As a wee boy with ADHD it’s not too hard for me to become overwhelmed by anything. Breathe kiddo breathe. First and foremost, O2 Park is a great location as the topography of the venue made it so easy and enjoyable to view displays of 40 companies in the automotive industry without being too cramped.


Call it Trini time of just Murphy’s Law, two hours later than scheduled, Motorsports 2015 kicked off with a bang. Motorsport clubs such as Trinidad and Tobago Drift Association (TTDA) put on a pretty impressive display as usual. Here we see Roger Hutcheon in his Nissan shredding tyres in a mad roast.


Next up is Marc Gill and Marcus Skinner from the Trinidad & Tobago Karting Association (TTKA) punishing their shifters.  Hotdog!


For the next dose of action the international stunters pumped us up with their tricks and stunts. Long stoppies, daring wheelies and close calls all for the sake of entertainment.


Out and about were lifted rides from the Trinidad & Tobago Off Road Club and Trailblazers.


Navigating my way around O2 park was simple compared to what it must be like to navigate a rally car- though obviously not as fun. Imagine the adrenaline pumping while navigating Stuart Johnson’s Group N Impreza from the Trinidad & Tobago Rally Club (TTRC) above.


Of course dealerships seized the moment to educate the public about their vehicle line up and deals available.


Many companies in the Automotive Industry did the same with their product display show as 40 of them were present… you know how much free thing I went home with!?


I thought I was overwhelmed when I first walked in, I quickly realized how wrong I was when I stumbled upon the Sunshine snacks- wait for it- Kids Play Area!

Editor’s note: Kasey was at home in the Bouncy Castle.


Dashing through 02 Park next up was the Abu Dhabi Area which boasted the “sexiest” sports cars in the country. Don’t mind if I be the judge of that… OK the verdict is in, they are the “sexiest” sports cars in the country.

As the sun went down Abu Dhabi hosted their after party, 18 years and older- that means no kids allowed :(, so that ends my coverage of Bad Granny “Motorsports 2015” 😀


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