Can’t travel? Here’s some USA car culture for you

Can’t travel? Here’s some USA car culture for you

Once again it was time to dust of the ole camera bag and head out for another installment of Car Culture.

Our US stranded Trini photographer, Gerrard Wilson was back at the Sugar Land Town Centre in Texas, with the help of Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land. He described the feeling of this car meet vs the previous one in just one word…. expensive.

Feel free to check the market prices of what you see, and you’ll get the idea. Also, this one was more exotic-filled, no doubt the sunny weather bringing out all the toys. Some so new, they don’t even have plates yet. The host brought out a 1 of 175 SL65 Black Series made as one of their showpieces. I could still remember the Top Gear episode when JC drove it. What a car.

With an S65, GT63S, a drop-top GT-R and C63 taking center spot, presence made. So McLaren P1 then. Dare I say, very unassuming compared to all that was parked around her. Another check on that bucket list and that orange/bronze paint job played to the camera. Almost every other version of McLaren’s current line of cars were attendance in some form, in many a palette with my fav being the baby blue with orange detail. Caps to match mind you.

Ferrari was never to be outdone and yes, you saw correct….the brand new SF90. The fastest prancing horse road car on the planet. 812 Superfast, check. 488 Pista, yup. 458 SpecialA, GTC4 Lusso, present. Other sprinklings…scattered. Lamborghini… SVJ…yes, please. SV, why not. Rare Diablo convertible, uh-huh. Huracan Performante, yes. Twin Turbo Huracan, it was there, if you know what to look for.

Even had a Gallardo and a Murcielago. As for the rest, new and old NSX, 1966 Suburban that created quite a stir. An Evo on bags, Supras down the street, some classics to take you back……there was enough eye candy to burn your retinas and your pocket. For me, the Bronco whose frame was cleaner than dry cleaning, and the Porsche 944 Turbo.

As usual, the full complement of pics can be seen on TriniTuner, hit me up on the ‘gram… Time to burn some rubber…. …till next time.

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