Car Culture’s Supercar Saturday – Houston

Car Culture’s Supercar Saturday – Houston I left home late again. When will it end. The result sadly was some errors on my part which I have to remind myself to fix next time out….but what a collection of fine metal and lots of carbon fibre on display.

The star of the show, the Ferrari SP30. A special project of the company….basically when the skunks works dept turn down the lights after work and let their creative juices flow. Use parts of the 599 GTO….some tricks from the 599XX and base it all on a 599. And the sound….well….it’s a Ferrari. Flanking it front was a F12tdf and rear was a 488 Pista. They brought out the big toys.

Now as a car guy, you love certain brands, like some, tolerate a couple and close your eyes and hold your nose at a few. Well…and this is hard to type given where I am….but I’m not a Corvette fan. But, as any car guy will never admit, every once a purple moon, a car comes along to turn your disbelief into the kinda feeling you get that makes it hard to walk properly. See that black Stingray. My purple moon in all it’s rainbow unicorn glory. Bruce Wayne came to the event people. With Robin. Of all the cars in the car park….that’s the car I going home with. Oh my fridge and freezers…the work that went into it. And it has a removable hard top. Somebody plug me into a Tesla charging point.

Now we have that out the way….Performates, a family of Porches, some Japanese Wagan cruisers, two British lads, the winner of the last Bathurst and it’s spares hauler, a grandfather and his younger, gym buff grandson, some big Germans, and equally bigger American cousins, some Fords…two of which recently won Oscars, a pair of floating clouds, one of the rare times Germany and England collaborated on something great, some other bits and lastly, a car that is all the news as of recent, Stig did a 1:17.6 lap time in it….the new Taycan Turbo S. Like the new Supra, I’m still on the fence on it. Btw…that 70’s Datsun pickup that was hiding in the other car park. Superb.

If you figure out what I just wrote, you’re better than me.

Onto the next event….which, I don’t know what it will be. Hopefully it will be something fast…..I miss my speed. As always, the full album can be seen on and for those on the ‘gram… catch me @gewil_photo

…..till next time.

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