Cars and Coffee 2018 Finale

Cars and Coffee 2018 Finale

In the two years husbands and boyfriends have been convincing their better halves that somehow going for coffee on a Sunday morning across the country is the new in thing, some even bringing their kids for those extra points…….Cars and Coffee never disappoints. Never.

Just when you think you have seen it all, or in this Sunday’s case, heard it all, there’s always something new to gawk at….point….stare….dream…..dribble on…..dribble over….and in the case you walk with the aforementioned better half…..try to explain to her why you like this car and the benefits it would provide being apart of the garage. A two door sports car for a family of 4. It could work. I would interject some random comment about handbags and shoes but I may have to call Gary for the comments I would get….so…….. back to the event.

Welllll…….another Italian graced our presence, this time in the form of a 458 Italia….in that glorious Ferrari Red. Dribble on…. By the time I came back upstairs, the bare car park was alive with a great mix of old and new and new to the event. A pair of REs….which you would have seen in the Rotary Revival shoot a few weeks back. Infact, there was also a 1st and 2nd Gen…..and a 3rd….which Craig Sumair tried his best to justify needing it for Christmas to his better half. A his and hers 911s…a GT2 and a GT3. I tell you….lawdy. A FJ Land Cruiser that I gave a title that I would not repeat here but my lawdy lawd……that thing could have my children. Sheldon brought out his rail car….yes…a full blown drag racing rail car, and he was more than willing to give you a run thru if asked. The Euros were represented with an interesting collection of BMWs. From the mighty M5 with the V10, to a newer 3 series Hybrid.

Then when you thought it couldn’t get any better, in rolls 2 GTRs, a R32 followed by a R34. Dribble some more. Joel rolled in with the Lotus….better half coming along to see this spectacle first hand. We had a 68 or was it a 69 Camaro that’s driven, the old Evo vs Subaru war was present, Rx8s came, we had an old mini and it’s fat cousin, and Garage Fresh scrapped in with the ever popular R35 and soon to be popular Lexus with chin bustin tail pipes. So yeah….yuh miss out. And their were others sprinkled all across the car park.

As we say goodbye to 2018, we take this opportunity to thank firstly the Guy upstairs for allowing us to do this for 2 years, Starbucks for all their coffee and tasty treats, all the mall managers for allowing us to grace their premises and proving that a gear head meet need not be rowdy and can be a family affair. As always, a full grocery cart of all the pictures can be seen on the original FB,, my ‘gram peeps can catch me @gewil_photo.

2019….who knows…Track days….de malls……..ah hear Tobago….where Devant…ah need a number for the THA….

……till next time.

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