Cars and Coffee 2019 – Tobago love affair…..

Cars and Coffee 2019 – Tobago love affair…..

Since the inception of the Cars and Coffee adventures…..I’ve always begged for a Tobago run. While things took its time and many a story was told in Trinidad….I’m happy to say….I’m glad we waited. This event was kindly aided by the folks at Lubetech, the Low Lands Mall, the folks at ANSA for sending over a Mustang and those folks of the Tobago Diamonds Association…thank yew for my breakfast… well…lunch really.

Now this trip was no ordinary coffee run, this was a chance to see….touch…gawk and let your memories flow at one of the country’s most celebrated garages….that of Mr. Tam. There’s the R33 and GC8 of drag racing fame….both celebrated members of the Sunday School days, a trio of Subbies stuffed in a corner hiding an Evo VI, the F12 fresh from her morning run….take a stroll….an orig Galant…yes I said original. The 570, a pair of 35s and a small VW collection. GT2, GT3 and the Widow maker herself…GT2RS. So much to shoot….don’t know where to point…so I just point. I was to ask where was the Galant with the RB in it. If she don’t know about that car…..she too young for you. The drive down was bumpy till the main road, but to be in a train of 1 fully modded STI, 2 R35s and 3 versions of Stuttgart finest machines …truly epic.

Now let me say something for you’ll to understand what is dotish….I passed up a chance to get a drive in the GT2RS to take pics of the cars on the run down to the Mall. Dedication to your craft will have you missing moments in life……

As for the event….Tobago has it’s own vibe and atmosphere. My Brother from another island….Raoul’s Evo VII…my Tobago woman…701 and her outside ting, Ms Mera. A Defender that reminds us of what basic is. A Mazda hot hatch, KITT, a Box Lancer with the longest handbrake lever ever, a boosted March, two Mustangs, one 4 banger but one 5.0 V8 beast.. A Fahim with a van attached to a turbo. Drift cars..both inside the lime and out. That getting famous drift/grip van. Dropped B15 to a CK Lancer. Yes…there were some I missed but with such company….doh blame me for being distracted.

A special thanks to the Tam family for allowing us the glimpse into their fabulous garage. I could spend a few hours in there and be lost with all fine ladies within its confines. Much thanks and respect to my Brother Raoul for helping me out with all the rolling shots as well as being my eyes to seeing what I nearly missed a few times…while tryin not to fall out a moving vehicle.

Thanks to All who came out, braved the early rain and then the dred heat. Will we be back….of course yes. I know there are many more rides that should make the next one. Should we wait to see what other new toys hit the island…..I think we should.

…till next time.

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