Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee

Cars & Coffee TT events are like Forrest Gump’s proverbial box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get.  Sunday March 31 was no exception.  Following a somewhat cryptic online advert for the event, close to a hundred cars passed through the Starbucks Xtra Plaza car park, with some enthusiasts getting there as early as 6:45 am.

As is the norm for Cars & Coffee TT events, there were no reserved parking spots, no prizes or awards, and no loud music or tyre burning antics, just a couple hundred automotive enthusiasts, out for a morning of coffee, cool cars, and light-hearted conversation. 

Resident photographer Gerrard Wilson sat quietly waiting for his prey.  He is known for targeting one unsuspecting car owner at each event, whose car catches his eyes.  Sometimes it’s exotic, sometimes, European, sometimes antique.  This time however, it was a beautifully prepared JDM treat in the form of an ultra-clean and super-detailed Nissan Lucino that tickled Gerrard’s fancy.  While Gerrard took the Lucino to the underground car park to work his magic, Cars & Coffee’s other official photographer Kirby Singh had his work cut out for him, as a never ending stream of cool cars kept arriving.

At one point, you would have been forgiven for thinking this was a BMW event.  Virtually every generation of 3 Series was represented, along with a beastly M3, and a sexy Z4, not to mention a diesel 3 Series coupe.  Not to be undone, the Mazda faithful were blessed with every generation of RX7, plus some mouth watering RX8s. 

As always, there were a few unexpected surprises.  TriniTuner’s own moderator, Chief Cook and Instigator “SR” was able to sit and enjoy the sight of his current E30 BMW parked across from his former VW Type-2 Bus, parked next to a beautiful MGB roadster.  Other old school treats included a very clean AE80 Corolla and its evil AE86 twin.  On the other end of the spectrum, the Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200 clubs made an appearance, as did a widened, lifted and properly dirty Jeep Rubicon. 

The biggest surprise of the day however was the green ‘Bullit’ Ford Mustang GT of Abdul Khan.  Crowds parted, and cars were happily shuffled around to ensure this iconic beast was parked front and centre in front of Starbucks.  The owner was kept busy with questions and compliments as nobody could take their eyes off his car.

In true Cars & Coffee tradition, nobody left the event disappointed.  With Porsches, AMGs, Evos, Rotaries, JDM Legends, Classics, American Muscle, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Off Roaders and a chick on a street legal pocket bike, you would have been hard pressed to not find something you liked.

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