Cars and Coffee Houston

Cars and Coffee Houston

There are various elements to us humans- there’s good, great, bad, sad and ugly (to name a few). This past weekend those 5 were all on display- the latter 3, well, read on.

The usual start looks like midnight leave a warm bed and covers to jump in a van parked in the elements, that has the air tight capability of a well used colander. Did I mention the temp is a warm 3 degrees? The seats warm with the speed of a loaded bus going Maracas and the climate control, despite the rumors of the earth warming- this one doesn’t. After 25 mins of trying to have circulation, I arrive, and so does the heat out the vents. Funny. I’m early this time or the cold has some of the heavy hitters still debating if to come out but as usual, once they start to roll in it’s a non stop tribute to all things automotive.

The Good and the Great.

The Huracan is up first, thankfully giving more than one location…and came more, including the all conquering Performnates, yes- plural. I thought 4 Cobras, then it was 5 (maybe 6 counting the one hiding in another car park). You may have noticed 2 De Loreans complete with Hover Board and Flux Capacitor. A De Tomaso Mangusta that was a sight to behold and smell. Nothing like that burnt oil mixed with gas waffin thru your nostrils. A slew of Porsches from early 911s to a fresh off the production line Speedster. There was even a Turbo converted to a new GT2RS…!!!

A Portofino graced the car park as well as a stable of horses. The always beautiful E Type with what has to be the cleanest undercarrige ever and it’s a driver…! A pair of Lotuses and the Caterham 260 I found taking a short cut thru the car park. A 2002 Convertible, Corvettes, Camaros, Chargers and Challengers, Mustangs, Civics, Bimmers and a few Mercedes- one of which was a GT R, yes fadda! A slew of McLarens, the Toyota Off Road Club, as was the Ram squad, it was all in there. I nearly crapped my pants when the Lancia Intergrale quietly eased in. Something for every age and car loving bracket…I wondered what could the next couple months bring…but then…

The Sad, Bad and Ugly..

As with per previous editions, part of the excitement is not just the static display but the leaving. Now, normally there’s a heavy enough police presence to ensure a measure of safety- play but don’t get carried away. Well, when I first pulled in, it was the one thing I saw missing- no HPD anywhere. By the time folks decided to leave, well as they say when the cats away, burnouts, spinouts, launches and a couple near misses. One chap nearly had a Mustang (no offence) moment in nothing worth a picture, but recovered to save face. I said to myself that this was going to end badly and it did. Cars and Coffee is now on time out for 2 months.

Humans….our own worse enemy.

What am I to do now till April….

….till next time.

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