Cars and Coffee Last Lap

Cars and Coffee Last Lap

December is traditionally a slow period for automotive events, with most people focussing on the holiday season and family time.  With that in mind, it was surprising how many requests Cars and Coffee TT was getting for one more meet before the end of the year.

Not wanting to disappoint, they got on the phone with Starbucks and Xtra Plaza and arranged for their 2018 ‘Last Lap’.  As always there were a few surprises in store, some planned by Cars and Coffee TT, and some that even they did not expect.

The morning of December 16 was met with grey skies and the threat of rain.  Nevertheless, the cars began trickling in, one by one from as early as 7:45 am.  With the whole ‘we never know what to expect’ vibe becoming the norm, event regular Frank Cleghorn pulled up in his latest toy, a shiny old Mini Cooper, complete with Christmas ornaments on the radio aerial.  Soon, the car park was filled with everything from a hybrid BMW a pair of stunning Mazda RX8s. For the second year running, Cars and Coffee TT had tokens of appreciation for those who came early.  This year, they took the form of locally 3D printed key chains and official stickers. 

Eventually the mark buss, and a flatbbed rolled in, with Sheldon Bissessar’s new drag racer under wraps.  After being advised that the likelihood of rain was high and she shouldn’t risk bringing his open-cockpit machine, Sheldon decided to heck with it, threw a tarp over his meticulously prepared beast, and headed to Cars and Coffee.  Not far behind was the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia of his sponsors, Qualitech Machining Services.  The Ferrari was immediately escorted to the underground parking lot by Gerrard Wilson, for a brief photo shoot that lasted the better part of an hour.

As is now the norm at Cars and Coffee TT events, there was a mix of regular and new faces.  Never one to disappoint, Christian Tam brought both his Porsche 911s to the jaw-dropping delight of everyone.  Rotary fans were in their glee, as in addition to the RX2s, all generations of RX7, as well as a couple of RX8s were present. 

On the other end of the JDM spectrum Godzilla flexed his muscles various forms, including his R35 Liberty Walk persona, as the Garage Fresh team rolled in, fashionably late (sorry Kasey). The organizers were kept busy, juggling a MINI Cooper, Ford Focus, Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Tucson, to open up spots as more and more exotica rolled in, including Joel’s stunning white Lotus Exige.

STis, Evos, modified Civics and Nissans, tuned Euros, JDM VIP Style, Old School Mercedes, American Muscle, British Royalty, plus two generations of Toyota land Cruiser and a couple of lifted Suzuki Jimnys made for what continues to be one of the best ways for a car guy and his family to spend a Sunday morning.  We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

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