Cars and Coffee: Trini Summer Dreamin’

Cars and Coffee: Trini Summer Dreamin’

Where do we start? If you don’t have a $100 voucher toward your next Alpha EX battery, you probably also missed out on a free key chain, free balloon and a Hot Wheels car for your kid! A huge thanks to the friendly team from Target Solutions for supporting us!

To quote our intrepid lead photographer Gerrard Wilson, if you could not find a car you liked at this Cars and Coffee, you are NOT a car guy. JDM, Euro, American, Trini-Built, exotic, antique, two wheels, lifted, lowered, modified, customized, VIP-style, convertible, coupe, sedan, station wagon, pickup, off-roader, AWD, RWD, FWD, 4WD, rally cars, circuit cars, and not one, but TWO flatbeds with rusty gold about to be restored!

We counted close to two hundred cars, proving once again, it’s possible to have a huge car meet without the tyre smoke and loud music that would kill the relaxed, early morning Cars and Coffee vibe. Our photographers were stretched to the limit, trying to keep track of the constant flow of cars. If you don’t see your car in this or the next two (possibly three) albums, we apologize. With cars spilling over to KFC and every other free parking space, it seemed like every time we made the rounds, there were different cars to see.

Once again, a few hidden gems we have been longing to see at Cars and Coffee finally showed up. At the top of our wish list for the longest while has been Bird’s pristine Nissan R33 GTR. Many a jaw is still on the floor! What’s gonna show up next? Even we don’t know. All we will say is you may have to drive a bit further south for the next Cars and Coffee meet!

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