Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee

Sunday June 10 saw Cars and Coffee TT organizers return to their roots.  Following a very successful track day earlier in the year, Rawle Murrell and Kevin Singh held their first Starbucks car park lime  0f 2018, at Xtra Plaza, Chaguanas, 

 Pre-event, they told us they were expecting maybe 40 cars, which is what they told management at Starbucks.  Any notion of a quiet morning was dispelled by 9:00 am, when a quick count revealed over 70 cars already parked, with more arriving by the minute.  With a final count of 113 vehicles (give or take), Sunday’s event was the biggest Cars and Coffee meet to date. 

 As per each previous event, this meet held several surprises.  Beyond the sheer number of cars and enthusiasts, Sunday saw the most diverse selection of cars to grace Starbucks car park.  From as early as 6:45 am, the organizers were greeted by a Range Rover SVR, a stunning Abarth 595, a fresh Nissan Medalist resplendent in gunship grey, and a Nissan 180SX, to name a few.

 Other notable eye candy included the only Series 1 Lotus Elise on the island, a mouth watering Lotus Exige, two Corvettes, an incident-free Foxbody Mustang, an AE86 Corolla that was only outshined by its driver, plus some mint classic cars courtesy Brij Maharaj and his friends.  Convertibles?  Yeah they had several.  Porsches?  Cars and Coffee TT seems to be their natural habitat. BMWs? You had your pick of coupes, convertibles and an elusive M3.  Proving that Cars and Coffee is a real enthusiast playground, the lovely Datusn 720 pickup got just as much love as the Nissan GTRs.

 What was most notable about the event was the numbers of families that came out to enjoy the sights.  It was a welcome sight to see kids with their camera taking photos and videos, and parents explaining various makes and models to them…and in some cases, vice-versa.

 With cars spilling over into KFC’s car park and the Starbucks crew stretched to the max, it’s safe to say nobody expected such a turnout, particularly as the only promotion of their events was done via Cars and Coffee TT’s facebook page.  As always, the question on everyone’s minds is what, when and where next?

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