CARS Autocross 2020 Head 2 Head #

CARS Autocross 2020 Head 2 Head #

Head2Head #1 is officially completed, and Creative Auto Recreational Sports (CARS) would like to thank everyone who attended or demonstrated interest. Your participation is what made the event a successful and competitive one. We are really pleased to be able to continue to host these events events and know that the community will safely enjoy themselves participating in our Motorsport.

The day started off with the skies glooming and the rain threatening to beat down upon us. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and the sun eventually beamed giving us near perfect weather to race, and race we did. A wide variety of vehicles showed up at our start line. To name a few, we had bone stock Nissan Wingroads, a Honda Fit on slicks, SR20 powered Nissan B14, Honda Civics in all forms and fashion, Mercedez Benz C200 AMG wagon, RB powered RX7 (1st Gen), track prepped SR20DET Nissan 350Z, Suzuki Swifts, Subarus from all different performance levels, Toyota Camry and Corollas, BMW 3 series and many more. Something is missing from this list though!? Umm…… Hmm… Oh yea, the younger brother of Mr. VW Beetle. The one that goes to the gym every day and is on a strict diet. I think he’s called Mr. Porsche GT3 RS. You know, the one Jeremy Clarkson says has a lot of scaffolding in the back? Yes, one of Porsches’s race prepared cars you can drive on the street.

The course was laid nice and early in our usual Head 2 Head style, and competitors’ vehicles were inspected, classed and ready to race. We had a few demo laps to kick things off and shortly after that everyone was allowed to line up against any challenger and race. Staging was done my a start Marshall and CARS custom remote controlled Christmas tree start used trigger for the beginning of a ~60 second heat. As soon as that race finished, the next pair of cars would be allowed to stage and set off. So with such a short waiting period, and only $150 racing fee, you literally got your money’s worth and then some. All the seat time your tires would allow.

At 2:00pm however, racing was paused as we had our first ever Sudden Death Shootout. There were 3 classes (1500cc and below, above 1500cc, and Forced Induction class) where competitors in their respective class would race against each other in an instant elimination tournament. The winner of each race moves onto the next race until we have only one winner for each of the 3 classes. Finally, the winner of each class would battle against each other for the Sudden Death Championship trophy.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Sudden Death Shootout:

1500cc and below – Kristopher Lucky – Honda Civic EG Hatchback.

Above 1500cc         – Adrian Persad      – Honda Civic EK Hatchback.

Forced Induction  – Kevin Kistow        – Subaru Forester


                There were many new faces to try their hands at racing, and from their positive responses, they all had a great time. Many kept commenting after each race how they can improve, and right after, lined up at the start again in pursuit of faster laps. All agreed that they would love to compete again, and we plan to hold another one of these events this year. Of course, improvements will be made to ensure stiff and fair competition and we promise to make the next event even better than this one. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message the club or its committee. Information can be found on the CARS Facebook page or website. We also would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us over the years and helping us. – T&T’s Largest Automotive Website.

DynoLab – Looking to tune your car or simply measure how much extra horsepower those fresh mods you installed made? Then give them a call. They are also a licensed vehicle inspection business.

YACCO  – Dealer for YACCO Oils & Additives, BC Racing coilovers, Vehicle Service Center, SuperPro Bushings, and many many more. See how they can help you with your vehicle.

PRS Performance – For a wide variety of car products, from engine oils, cars detailing products, car accessories, additives, performance parts, etc. Give them a call and see what they have for you.

We would also like to thank Kevin Kistow for lending the club his gas powered leaf blower to assist in cleaning the course. Very much appreciated.

After the Shootout was completed, the course was open once again to competitors wanting more races even more until it was closing time. The best part of our Head 2 Head event (and our Autocross events) is the wide variety of cars competing and the family friendly environment. The event finished without ANY incidents or near misses with spectators even making a cook under a tent (shout out to the curry chicken team. Hope you start the cook earlier next event 😁). We highly encourage people to come out and participate in CARS events. We guarantee you will gain car control dexterity and learn to operate with precision and accuracy which can be applied to everyday driving and full send tracking racing. Most people worry about not being competitive, but the only way to improve is with practice.

March 15th CARS will be holding their first Autocross event for the year. It’s a time attack style event that races you through come obstacles against the clock. Whatever vehicle you decide to bring to the event, we will scrutineer and class  (based on power, weight and modifications) to ensure you have a fair day of racing. For more information, please feel free to contact us (Facebook, Instagram, email, phone). Hope to see you all again at Autocross #1.

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