CARS Autocross #4

CARS Autocross #4

It’s not always a good feeling to wake up the morning of an Autocross event to see the weather report wanting to quote Robin Maharaj’s famous accidental line “Rain in dey mudd…..”. Luckily for us, we only got half the rainfall. The morning session consisted of mild showers which was enough to get the track very slippery, while the evening session was nice and dry thanks to some lovely sunshine.

All 30 competitors got the gradual transition from wet to dry track conditions that made every lap just that little bit different than the previous. Couple that together with a fairly straightforward, mid-speed track designed by Head of Autocross – Davenarine Ramlogan, everyone was able to understand and set a quick lap time by their 2nd attempt. Competition was very tight among competitors and we wouldn’t want it any different.

OPEN class was won by Olatunji Rudder-Fisher setting the fastest time of the day with his Subaru Impreza on 0 threadwear tires (the type of tyres you can use to remove lint off your clothes). In 2nd place was the return of the highly missed Nissan March driven by Shalan Mack. The car was missing in action for all the previous events, but hopefully we will see it competing in the remainder.

EP-R class had the most competitors, with Vyshall Nandlal in his monstrous all wheel drive hawkeye Subaru Impreza and Moses Moonsie in his definitely not for sale (maybe?) fresh EK9 Honda Civic battling it out for victory. Moses was suffering with traction issues with his worn out tires allowing Vyshall to take full advantage and seize victory in the class, also claiming 2nd fastest time of the day. Not bad considering it was his first time racing that car. However, he claims that his purpose built Nissan Pulsar should return next event bigger and better than ever for Autocross #5. Really looking forward to seeing it run again. 3rd place belonged to Anil Mack in his screaming Honda EG Civic hatch that ran consistent times throughout the day.

EP class was the 2nd biggest class with 7 competitors all running close to each other. Runul Roberts in his bhaigan coloured HondaEG Civic Hatch remained in 1st place improving on his time every lap. Finally ‘driving like he stole it’ was Devin Samad in his Honda DC2 Integra holding down 2nd place from Nasa Ghany in his Subaru Impreza Hatchback who claimed 3rd place. Not too far behind was Nathan Guevera’s Toyota KE70 Corolla who somehow manages to put down quick times running thru the course sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways, and sometimes backwards. But with a 50% chance of killing the cones, he spun his tires driving away with 4th place.

SS Class!! Possibly the most shocking outcome for the day. Adrian Persad in his Honda EK Civic Hatch was able to put down a quick lap as usual. This quick lap was good enough to secure him…… 2nd place. So you would think his main class rival, Rene Roberts in his Honda EK Civic Hatch would be the one to dethrone him? And normally you would be right, but no. Rene finished the day with 4th place. Next in line was Pete Arrindell with his Suzuki Swift to claim first place, but ended up with 2nd running thru the track with the tail of his car following a longer path (somehow missing all the cones). Pete is back in form and ready to bring the competition in SS class. So who got 1st place? Ahmad Mohammed traded in his stance suspension for some coilovers to set a blistering time that he can finally stand proud with next to his 1st place trophy. Well done Ahmad. Don’t celebrate too much though, cause next event, Adrian, Pete and Rene wants that 1st place spot. SS Class gonna be lit for Autocross #5.

ESP Class had Kristopher Lucky in his Honda EG Civic competing against Trevor VanSluytman. Due to steering issues in Trevor’s Ford Focus wagon, Lucky freely lent Trevor his Civic to compete with. That’s the good sportsmanship CARS Autocross likes to see. It was a close battle with Trevor only half a second behind Lucky in a car he had no experience with. Nicholas Williams in his Toyota Corolla Wagon wrapped up the class in 3rd place setting some quick times.

The final class was ES, with Daniel Persad in his 79hp Mitsubishi Lancer (non-turbo…. for now) on some slick racing tires. I think he got confused thinking he was coming to do some drag racing. Can’t mock him though as he managed to win his class. Hopefully when he installs the turbo, he will continue to dominate which ever class he ends up in. Remember in Fast & Furious when they told the delivery guy to go home? Well, he came to autocross to learn how to bring the fight back to those racers, and his name is Marion Hamilton. Our Arouca KFC guy with his Honda EK Civic Sedan tried furiously to beat the more experienced Daniel, but was only able to finish with 2nd place. That said, his time was very respectable and with some more seat time, he’s sure to bring the fight to Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Adrian Motilal was right alongside Marion’s time taking home 3rd place with his Nissan B14.

With the end of Autocross #4, this signals a small break from timed events allowing competitors to do some tuneup on their cars and sort out any issues they may have. If you wish to install any new mods, please note that the CARS Autocross officials must be informed. Dyno Day #2 is on July 6th and they can be verified there. New and old competitors who missed the first Dyno Day can get their cars scrutineered at this event if they wish to be placed in the correct class. If you wish to re-dyno your car (or measure it’s weight), you can attend the event. PLEASE NOTE. If your car isn’t inspected by the officials, you will be placed in a class at their discretion.

Written by Runul Roberts.

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