CARS Autocross 5 2019

CARS Autocross 5 2019

After a VERY LONG season break, Autocross finally came knocking at the front door with open arms for their 5th event. It was such a welcomed surprise to finally jump in the vehicles we spend so much of our days modifying, breaking, repairing and eventually modifying the correct way just for a chance like this where we can let loose and burn fuel (and for those who have electric cars, inconvenience electrons).

The sun was hot. Too hot. I almost felt sorry for the cars running that hard in this sauna. But we came to race and no heat was gonna hold us back. Thanks to Dave Ramlogan for designing and setting up quite a fast pace course where we were able to pull some high G’s in the long sweeping corners. The slalom section at the beginning was challenging, but all competitors quickly found the driving line through it and was able to get on the throttle navigating through.

The course was pretty free flowing that wasn’t forgiving if you got the racing line wrong. However, all competitors understood the entire course from the beginning without making any mistakes. The competition was awesome and everyone was out there having some quick, safe fun. All drivers improved on every lap, and the times reflect.

This event we had 5 classes, each with their own internal battle for 1st place. Below are the results:

HS Class
1st – Trevor Van Sluthman – Ford Focus Wagon
2nd – Ryan Ragbir – Mazda Demio

ESP Class
1st – Kristopher Lucky – Honda EG Civic Hatch
2nd – Kiran Singh – Toyota Corolla

SS Class
1st – Adrian Persad – Honda EK Civic Hatch
2nd – Peter Arrendell – Suzuki Swift Hatch
3rd – Dave Ramlagon – Nissan Primera
4th – Jonathan Baksh – Subaru WRX Hatch

EP Class
1st – Runul Roberts – Honda EG Civic Hatch
2nd – Devin Samad – Honda DC2 Integra
3rd – Nate Guevera – Toyota KE70 Corolla
4th – Nasa Ghanny – Subaru WRX Hatch
5th – Daniel Persad – Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo
6th – Bishen Gopaul – Mazda FD RX7

EP-R Class
1st – Anil Mack – Honda EG Civic Hatch
2nd – Moses Moonsie – Honda EK Civic Hatch
3rd – Sajid Ali – Honda S2000
4th – Colin Higgins – Subaru WRX
5th – Shem Taitt – Lexus IS300
6th – Chrisen Maharaj – Subaru WRX

Special welcome to Shem Taitt and Kiran Singh to Autocross. We hope to see you compete again as your skills will surely improve with more experience.

Written by – Runul Roberts

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