CARS Autocross #6 2019

CARS Autocross #6 2019

Autocross #6 on Sunday 13th October was a LONG day. With 28 competitors, the event was a fulfilling day of car enthusiasts getting a chance to put all their sweat, blood and tears (and the frequent swearing while looking for your 10mm you know you had 5 seconds ago next to you) to good use.

Most drivers came out on time to register their vehicles early and we must say it was greatly appreciated. When the events are this big, an early start is essential to a smoothly flowing event. Speaking of a smoothly flowing event, that course laid out by Dave Ramlogan was one tricky, but fast paced one. You really had to execute your driving lines on point to be able to flow through the course smooth and fast. The last few events weren’t as technical as this one, but competitors seemed to love it. It was a long and fast paced course that took an average of 70 seconds to complete. With a long straight, some quick curved sections and a very tricky slalom that tested your car’s acceleration, mid speed cornering and rapid direction changes, most drivers found any flaws in their vehicle’s setup and understood how to adjust their driving to suit the car’s geometry.

Competition was fierce among all the classes. Drivers were focused and really tried their utmost to set their best time. HS Class had 4 competitors with Trevor in his Ford Focus Wagon taking home 1st place. Trevor is a long time Autocrosser and to go up against him means you needed the Focus (no pun intended). With that said, Ryan Ragbir in his Mazda 2 took up the task of chasing after Trevor, and even though he came 2nd, his time wasn’t far off. Ryan is fairly new to Autocross, but has been religiously attending all events and his improvement in times is visible with each event. 3rd Place belonged to Ahmad Mohammed in his recently bought daily Corolla AE111. He usually has another vehicle which he uses to instill fear in in some experienced competitors (mainly Adrian Persad), but it’s under repairs (such is the car life).

Newcomer Ian Jangai in his Subaru Impreza surprisingly got the hang of this very complex course on his second attempt (which is an impressive feat) and got 4th Place just behind the experienced Ahmad. Every lap he significantly kept improving his lap time, and that says a lot for a first time Autocrosser. We hope to see you at the next event.

The next class was ES with 3 competitors. Our first year competitor Marion Hamilton with his 4dr EK Civic set the pace and proved that driving technique was more important than how many mods and power your car his. He drove clean lines and it paid off in the end with 1st Place. 2nd Place was taken by Paul Sammy with his Suzuki Ciaz. Sadly, Sammy was only able to complete three laps before work came knocking at his door and had to leave early. That said, he still got 2nd which is still something to be proud of. Did I mention this was his first time competing in Autocross? Taking 3rd Place was Paul Sirju and his EK Civic hatch. He is also a newcomer to Autocross and he may have had a little too much adrenaline while on the course (can’t blame him. Was a really fun course). I can surely see Sirju competing in many many more events not missing any. Part of the main goal of Autocross is to have fun, and Sirju exercises that right to the fullest.

ESP class had 4 competitors, 2 of which were first time competitors and 1 was probably his second time competing. Of course, the experienced Kristopher Lucky got not only 1st Place, but 4th Fastest time of the day. 2nd Place was won by Kiran Singh in his AE111 Corolla. This is his second time competing and there were major improvements in his driving compared to the last event. 3rd Place and 4th Place was awarded to Daniel Felix and Amrit Narine respectively in their EK Civic hatches (which was bought a few days prior to the event). They are usually always present in Autocross at the Aditi Tent, but this was their first time competing. They seemed to be enjoying themselves behind the wheel, but sadly, due to car issues, they were only able to run 3 of the 6 laps. I’m pretty sure they will be back as soon as the car is sorted out.

To be expected, SS class was won by Adrian Persad in his EK Civic hatch. Adrian is one of those drivers you pay attention to and take notes as he is a very skilled driver, having good car control and knowing the good driving lines one should follow. 2nd Place was Rene Roberts in his EK Civic hatch. Rene usually competes neck and neck with Adrian, but due to engine troubles, wasn’t anywhere near his usual pace. Still, he was able to hold onto his position. Hopefully, the last event his engine issues will be sorted out and we will see a heated battle between him and Adrian. Jonathan Baksh with his Impreza took 3rd place. Jonathan is a new competitor for this year and has been improving each event. SS is a competitive class and he has a big goal to reach, but we expect him to reach there.

The last 2 classes are EP and EP-R with the most competitors in these 2 (7 each). EP class had Runul Roberts in his EG Civic hatch acquiring 1st Place, but also fastest time of the day. Running on regular everyday Roadstone tires, he was able to find a lot of grip with them which assisted in setting good laps. It just shows that you don’t have to buy the most expensive tires to compete in autocross. We always encourage competitors to not focus on buying fancy mods and the most expensive equipment. You biggest gains will always come from you focusing and improving your driving technique. Devin Samad in his DC2 Integra got 2nd Place and drove with precision. He aims for first place in his class, and with time (and also if he wouldn’t be coming from work the morning of the event), he stands a good chance. 3rd Place was Shevon Sinanan in a Starlet. Low weight and good engine response from the small turbo gives him a good advantage in competition and it shows. 4th Was Nasa Ghany in his Impreza not too far off the pace of the nimble Starlet. First time competitor Arif Ali in another Impreza was able to get a hang of the course and set some pretty decent times claiming 5th Place. Another first time competitor was Kevin Kistow in his very fresh looking Legacy got 6th Place and setting a very respectable time considering the size and weight of that luxury car. Very good work controlling that big car through the course. 7th Place was Bishen Gopaul in his 3rd Gen RX7 who’s still shaking down his recently acquired car. He is a well seasoned competitor who once get use to the car will surely drive it like he stole it.

The last class is EP-R and we had a very close battle between the top two competitors. It was between Anil Mack in his EG Civic hatch and Moses Moonsie in his EK Civic hatch. 0.166 seconds separated the two drivers with Anil just edging out to claim 1st Place setting the second fastest time for the day and Moses claiming 2nd Place with the 3rd fastest time of the day. The competition has been very close between these two and Autocross #7 will be another very interesting competition. 3rd Place belonged to our “rally driver” Chrisen Maharaj in his WRC looking Impreza. He’s a committed driver at Autocross and always entertaining watching him either grip driving or swing his car around the course like he’s a rally driver. Mr Aditi himself, Vyshall Nandlal in his well built Impreza got 4th Place. He wasn’t in full competition mode, but rather came out to have fun. He came 4th while having fun, when he does get serious however……… Keshav Sookraj in his Evo X came 5th.

He was out of action for the last event due to a failed gearbox, but the car has been repaired stronger than before and he’s gonna be much quicker next event. Last two positions (6th and 7th) goes to Dave Ramlogan and Colin Higgins in their Primera and Impreza respectively. Dave left home his 240Z, so he just came to have fun, on a course he designed. Colin was off his regular quick pace as he was trying to get a feel for the course. Sadly there weren’t enough laps for him to put down his usual quick times. Hopefully next event he would be back to his usual form.

And that wraps up Autocross #6. Congratulations to all out winners and a big welcome to Autocross to the new competitors:
>Arif Ali
>Kevin Kistow
>Daniel Felix
>Amrit Narine
>Paul Sammy
We hope to see you at Autocross #7 on the 10th November, 2019. That will be the last timed event for the year where we will determine the Class Champions and who will be competing for the Autocross Champion 2019. Our current champion Moses Moonsie will return to defend his title from the Class Champions.

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