CARS AutoX 2

CARS AutoX 2

Sunday April 14th marked the date of Autocross #2. With not a drop of rain in sight (same couldn’t be said for the Sahara Dust), the course was favourable for high speed, high traction competition. The course was designed by our official track designer, Mr. Ramlogan, and what a course it was. Using up most of the tarmac, the course was big, very fast paced, and with a few tight corners, it had you thinking what is the fastest driving line to keep up your momentum. On a course this fast, every bit of speed you can maintain would multiply fast into shaving down seconds on your time. Some of the fast corners one would think you can go full throttle through, was in for a big surprise when they realised the next cone gate was under their car. You truly needed to understand your cars’s characteristics to keep off those fast incoming cones. The course required drivers to keep a clean driving line with emphasis on corner exit to maintain momentum thru the fast sections thus reducing time.
For a fairly technical course, pretty much all competitors got the hang of it quickly and was setting blistering fast times in their respective classes. EP class had the largest numbers of competitors. Runul Roberts achieved 1st place in his EG4 Civic even with a 2 second penalty added to his time from clipping a cone. Akash Maharaj 1st Gen RB powered RX7 (aka. RB7. Some people would consider that sacrilege fitting an RB in place of a Dorito. I see that as a new type of love) was down for repairs and instead of moving to a class that would favour his AE110 Corolla’s performance, he remained in EP class and was shockingly able to pull off a 2nd place. Seeing that corolla on the road, one would never believe the amount of performance it had under that clean suit. Closely behind Akash was Devin Samad in his highly desired DC2 Integra. Even though he came late to the event due to work and was unable to walk the course, he managed to memorize the track and took home a 3rd place. Akash would probably have had his work cut out if Samad did get a chance to walk the course earlier in the day. 4th place was taken by Shevon Sinanan in his sleeper looking Mitsubishi Evo IV. He is a new entrant into Autocross and has been improving his time on every lap. With a bit more experience over the course of the 2019 season, he would definitely be an outstanding competitor later on. Same can’t be said for the Evo though.

The next biggest class was HS, with some very interesting vehicles. When I say interesting, the biggest highlight was the battle of Kirk Ho-Hing in his 1st Gen Toyota Rav 4 and CARS Autocross President Christopher Ragobar in his 3rd Gen Suzuki Grand Vitara. Yea, two SUV’s battling it out for 1st place. Just got to love the variety of vehicles in Autocross. And don’t think for a second that those SUV’s would look like a fish out of water. Watching those two pelt those family vehicles around was simply astonishing. Both those highly seasoned competitors really did put on a display of driving talent with Ragobar stealing 1st place ahead of Kirk on his last lap. Kirk said he will be back next event with new tires to make sure Ragobar doesn’t feel he’s gonna win HS class this year easy. Taking 3rd place in his ‘race wagon by weekend, grocery getter by weekday’ (1st Gen Ford Focus Wagon) was Trevor Van Sluytman. Trevor is one of our older, umm, experienced competitors who surely knows his way around a course. Judging from the way he drives that bone stock wagon around, we can’t wait for him to finish build his track focused racecar (no spoilers on what he’s building yet). Shout out to one of our newest competitors, Marion Hamilton in his EK Civic Sedan with a close 4th place. When hunger comes calling and you want a fast delivery of KFC, he’s the delivery guy to call. We expect him to become a serious competitor for 1st place. With only 2 events, he’s already able to read the course and see where to improve his driving technique. That kind of spirit will surely get him places fast.


ESP Class had our previous CARS Autocross president, Dwayne Caberrea (3rd Gen Suzuki Swift Sport) and Kristopher Lucky (Honda EG6 Civic Hatch). Lucky took the lead early on and managed to hold off Dwayne to acquire 1st place, improving on his time every lap. We were shocked that un-Lucky didn’t do his signature moves by spinning out, clearing out all the cones or flat spotting his tires in the finish box (ABS is for wimps). Guess he finally realised that the car needs to be pointing in the right direction if he expects to finish the course quickly.


Another tight fight was between two Honda EK Civic Hatches in SS Class. It seemed Rene Roberts was going to have an easy 1st place judging from the times Adrian Persad were setting throughout the day, but on the last lap, Adrian got focused and serious managing to put down a time that put him in the lead. Rene however answered back on his last lap just edging out and taking 1st place by 0.276 seconds. We all think it’s a combination of the giant wing on the back of Rene’s car and the 2L bottle of Coca Cola Adrian probably drank the morning that made the difference in time. 


The fastest run group for the EP-R Class had Anil Mack, Moses Moonsie and Shiva Maharaj batteling it out in what was a very close competition. Anil in his red screamer EG Civic Hatch ran consistent times throughout the day setting his fastest time on his last lap. However, Moses Moonsie in his EK Civic Hatch stepped up on his final lap with his fastest time just jumping ahead of Anil to take home 1st place and also setting the fastest time of the day. Well done on the lap record Moses. Be wary though as Anil loves nothing more than the competition and he intends to give you a fight for the rest of the year. Shiva in his EK Civic Hatch rounded up 3rd place running pretty consistent times over his 6 laps. He too wants a piece of that action, and a piece he shall obtain.

With the end of Autocross #2, the championship for each class is still within everyone reach. All competitors are already itching for Autocross #3 on the 19th May to claim a chance at 1st place and have all the fun driving their own unique vehicles that a lot of blood, sweat and 10mm sockets has been lost over countless hours. We hope to see everyone at the next event together with more competitors to further diversify Autocross where anyone with any vehicle can come, participate and have fun.

Words by Runul Roberts.


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