Cars & Coffee: 2020 Pre-season wakeup call

Cars & Coffee: 2020 Pre-season wakeup call

New year, new plans, and some felt that post-Carnival was far too long to wait for another Cars & Coffee TT meet.

Knowing it would probably be a small crowd, what with all the breakfast fetes and the like, we just put the word out and waited to see what would happen. No fuss, no hype, just an experiment.

In keeping with the goal of ‘wow, I never saw one of those before’, we were not disappointed. Of course there was a twist. Most people are familiar with RX7s, but to line up all three generations, along with an RX8 was rotary heaven….well not quite…rotary nirvana cannot be accomplished without an RX2. Needles to say, we were delighted with that epic lineup, that also included a Miata for good measure.

On the German side of things, a mouth watering Mercedes Benz SL 400 rolled up, just as we were drooling over a boosted VW Bora that has been terrorizing ‘fast’ cars in recent times.

Some were confused with the lineup directly in front of Starbucks, which included a Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, Hyundai Tucson, Subaru Forester and a Corolla wagon.

It wasn’t until the procession of Porsche 911s, Caymans (Caymen?) and a Panamera rolled in that the master plan was revealed. What do you do when faced with a dozen of Stuttgart’s finest? Grab your camera, and try not to drool too much! A few lucky kids got to sit behind some exquisite steering wheels as owners mingled, answered questions, and had a cup of coffee.

As always Brij Maharaj brought out another of his rare gems, this time a beautifully preserved Plymouth. The small but eclectic collection of old school treasures did not disappoint.

With about 60 cars passing through, the general consensus was the experiment was a success. A nice gathering of interesting, unique, exotic and seldom seen automotive treasures, and of course a great lime.

What’s next? Maybe we’ll try something different again. Feathers will be ruffled.

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