Cars & Coffee Houston

Cars & Coffee Houston

….so you get up the same time, it’s dark out, you question why on a cold morning you’re doing this, the heat in the car is better it didn’t work and then a red Evo runs past you on the freeway. You smile and then as you enter the car park…….it hits you.

Now, I’m used to being one of the first to arrive, top ten…..nope….not here. I’m #386. Tailgate parties already line the driveway, cars are already being wiped down and I just leave the cameras in the car to take it all in. I ignore the cold….just….and just marvel at the sight and sounds. 20mins later, camera in hand….the NSX on red HREs has me in a daze…..then I see it. Coming up the drive……..the F40. After that…the DBS….and then your brain kicks in and you remember why you came.

I missed a few cars…..the 488 Pistas, the new Supra in what I think is the best colour it comes in from the factory, yellow. I saw it in my walk but by the time I came back…it was gone. I meant to shoot some cars more but then something else seduced my attention. A walk to the back found things that never made it to the main area…..and then I realised the next big draw….when the cars leave.

Yes there was a Senna. Also what I think to be every modern Mclaren in production, a few Huracans, a village of Porsches….and not to be out done, the Ferraris.

That Senna though….

Out on the frontage road…the law made sure things went smooth, drivers gave us an earful, there was a collective sigh every time a Mustang drove by and made it to the freeway, I saw cars I didn’t even know were there and after surviving the sprinklers, a R32 appeared behind me. A walk back to the car park, happy to go home, only to spot the Senna, no spectator rope…..sitting there for all to see. I wonder what December holds…..

…till next time.

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