Cars & Coffee: Tobago Love

Cars & Coffee: Tobago Love

After three years, we decided a Tobago lime was long overdue…
Before we go into details, we need to thank some very special people for making Sunday June 9’s lime so awesome: Mrs. Michelle Rhodes-Ali of Lowlands Mall for generously hosting us, Mr. Christian Tam, who has been a strong supporter from day one, and generously loaned us one of his cars for the weekend, Emmanual Morris and his great Tobago Diamonds Association crew who put out the awesome breakfast spread (all in aid of a local charity), Lube-Tech Sales and Service for sponsoring their Motul, Meguiars and VP tents, and of course big thanks to Miguele Granville, Raoul Yeates Jr. and Peter Blincow, for helping us to get the word out about Cars & Coffee TT

So…why Tobago? As has been said in the lead up to Tobago Love, Tobago has a rich, unique and diverse car culture. Anyone who has ever raced in Autocross and Drag & Wind events in Tobago knows the ‘local’ boys are not to be underestimated. Similarly, Easter in Tobago always brings out brilliant creativity from the Tobago car show culture.

So Tobago Love was not a Cars & Coffee TT event for the big islanders to come over and lime. They were of course welcome and a few did, but it really was about bringing the Cars and Coffee TT experience to Tobago, for Tobagonians. And boy did they turn out! We lost count after 75 cars, as diverse as the people we met.

As we pulled up to Lowlands Mall, we were greeted by a black 2018 Ford Mustang 5.0, already waiting for us. Among the other early birds was a totally unexpected but much loved Mazdspeed 3 clone, and Jason Washington in his iconic Datsun-Honda Drift Machine.

Of course Mr. Tam did not disappoint, with his epic convoy of Porsche 911s and Nissan GTRs. The owner of the Mustang, Mr. Jeremy Knott had also reached out to Ansa Automotive and convinced them that Cars and Coffee TT was the place to showcase their 2019 Ford Mustang, fresh off the showroom floor. Thank you Mr. Knott!

The Lowlands Mall car park was eventually filled with everything from stock Corollas and Tiidas to a fabulously pink Honda Fit, a very mean drift-ready Laurel Medalist, an SR20 Box-Lancer, old Land Rovers, Range Rovers, an old Volvo with heavy patina, a V8 7-series BMW,…too many cool cars and people to mention!

And continuing the theme of surprises, Jason Reece of Bad Granny fame showed up with his full video crew, and both a super clean Lancer Evolution and a mean Pontiac Trans-Am. We are looking forward to a lil Cars and Coffee plug on Bad Granny, Mister Reece *cough cough*

What else can be said? Tobagonian car enthusiasts have a charm all their own, and we felt at home all weekend long. We can’t say when next Cars and Coffee will return, but we promise we will be back.

Thank you Tobago 


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