CASL – Distributor for REPSOL Lubricants in Trinidad & Tobago

CASL – Distributor for REPSOL Lubricants in Trinidad & Tobago

REPSOL LESA in Spain appointed Caribbean Analytical Services Limited (CASL) as its Official Distributor in Trinidad and Tobago for its range of Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, Heavy Duty/Commercial Vehicle, and Industrial Lubricants here in T&T. 

Repsol Lubricants provide a wide range of Fully-Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic and Mineral oils.  Repsol’s high-quality lubricants are world-renowned and endorsed locally with great reviews. In addition, Repsol has over 200 researchers and scientists developing solutions that meet the strictest requirements in conformity with international standards.


Protects the most demanding engines

Repsol Lubricants are formulated using the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. These lubricants bring you top performance in terms of protection and efficiency and have been endorsed by major manufacturers. 


The best testing ground for Repsol lubricants: MotoGP 

Tested in top-level competition, our lubricants guarantee the best performance for your motorcycle engine, offering the best performance and the highest level of efficiency, protection, and technical and environmental quality. 


Everything your heavy-duty vehicle needs

Specially formulated and created for the harshest conditions, Repsol brings you lubricants and oils for trucks, buses, and all fleet vehicles. Improve the performance of each component in your heavy-duty vehicle and extend the service life of your machinery.

**Find out how you can get complimentary oil testing by CASL when you convert your fleet to Repsol Lubricants. 


CASL has 19 years of history, and existing strengths in Lube Oil Analysis, Services, Consulting, Education and Failure Investigation, Repsol, and CASL’s relationship provides an excellent opportunity for a complete lubrication one-stop-shop dedicated to extended life and reliable solutions.  

Whatever you drive, we have a product that is right for you!


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Repsol Lubricants, available at leading parts places nationwide!  

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