Castrol GridKhana 4 For 2023

Castrol GridKhana 4 For 2023

What a bumper session Castrol Gridkhana 4 turned out to be. With a record competitor entry list of 51, a larger than usual spectator turnout, giveaways and crowd participation hosted by title sponsor Castrol and exciting close head-to-head racing, the event finished late but was definitely the event of the season so far….sucks if you missed it!

CGK4 saw the introduction of the “Wetman Class”, which is a class solely for Tiida’s and Aqua’s. Sponsored by Race Trac Wheels. Two Tiidas and two Aquas battled with Chris Ragoobar coming out as the top Wetty in his Aqua, followed by Roger Hutcheon in second also in an Aqua and Dwayne Auguste in 3rd in a Tiida. It seems like the original wetmen have their work cut out for the next round.

GT1 top honours was a close battle of the Swifts with Brandon Mongru taking first followed by Saeed Mohammed in second and Runul Roberts third.

The GT1B class was well subscribed with 5 entries. In his Caribbean Spec Miata from TTASA circuit racing, Brent Russel rose to the top in a close battle with Damian Nesbit Group 1 B13 followed by John Michael Sabga in his CS Miata.

The GT2 and GT3 classes saw some close and outstanding racing and in the end, was won by one driver in the same car. Kristopher Lucky in his well-prepped EG Civic destroyed all to rise to first position in both GT2 and GT3 classes. Ronney Seepersad tried to defeat him in the GT2 final and failed, Adrian Persad was forced into an out-of-character “Red Light” against Kristopher in their one-round sudden-death final giving the win to Kristopher Lucky

There was a large field of eight in the GT4 class with big names such as Sean Shairsingh AMG A45s, Goodwille Theodore in his now famous Baby Blue MR2, Kareem Hosein Impreza, Ryan Pinheiro Gr Yaris, Damian Nesbit Evo X, Micky DeMatas Subaru Forrester, Lindon Baboolal C35 Laurel, Alex Seenath Porsche 718 Cayman, Cecil Mooloo Evo X and Darren Bahadur Datsun 1600 SR20. In the end there can only be one, a very close battle in the final saw Sean Shairsingh winning with Goodwille Theodore second and Kareen Hosein third.

The GT5 class saw the return of Nicholas Mooloo in his GT-R 35 and Ross Veira Evo 3 ex-circuit driver, battling Dareem Mohammed BMW M4, Sean Shairsingh doing double duty in his AMG A45s and Devon Bartholomew in his Race Trac 1JZ Rx7. This class provided some of the most exciting and close racing for the entire day. Ultimately, Nicholas Mooloo flung that GT-R around and put it into first position, followed closely by Dareem Mohammed in second and Sean Shairsingh in third.

Only eight bikers took to the course at Castrol Gridkhan 4 in the two classes of Moto1 and Moto 2, but the results are sure to shake up the overall championship points standings. Eventually, Nicholas “Gonzo” Gonzales beat Brandon George in the Moto 1 class final with Azarel De Peza 3rd. Moto 2 saw Shane “Chinee ” Allen beating Anthony Carter for first position and the youngest competitive biker in Trinidad and Tobago Nicholas Mendoza holding firm in 3rd position.

The next and final GridKhana for 2023 will be held on November 19th and the points are adding up! Check our the official point standings in the chart below:

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