Solodex 5

Solodex 5

Article written by Rawle Mahabir

Creative Auto Recreational Sports (CARS) continued its 2010 Championship Series with the hosting of Solodex 5 at the Arima Race Club car park. Solodex is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe, low-cost competition, placing more emphasis on car handling and driver skill than on sheer horsepower. The cars which range from your every-day road-going economy sedans to purpose-built vehicles are separated into Classes and the drivers battle the clock in order to have a chance to take home the trophy and championship points at the end of the day.

This 5th Solodex championship event of the year, the ever expanding classes of racers showed up eager to out-drive each other in order to win the valuable 100 points that could secure them the Class title or catapult them to be a championship contender. This occasion was also one of the best-supported events for the 2010, with some 40 plus competitors stepping up to the starting line to have their shot at victory. The adrenaline was pumping as one by one each driver took on the tightly wound course hoping to get the better of their closest competitor.

With members of the various manufacturers representing Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mini, Ford and the V8 Car Racing club taking turns running against the clock in order to win the precious “bragging rights” that comes with the winning of the respective  Classes.

Some of the best drivers in TnT to the young man who has dreams of one day becoming the best. Rally Trinidad 2010 champion Mr. John “Penti” Powell stepped up to the plate in the open class and hypnotized the crowd with his un-humanlike ability to slide his 2008 Subaru WRX Sti around each corner and teleport along the straight away. Even after the heavens opened up and poured over the track, Powell showing his skill, maturity and flair was able to use the lack of grip to his advantage and put down some of the most spectacular “drifts” of the day. Jaws were dropping faster than the raindrops as he repeatedly executed flawless control of his 400+ horse power beast over the short tight course, eventually going on to win the Open Class and snatch the fastest time of the day.

All car enthusiasts were given a special treat on Sunday as former rally/circuit/dex/kart driver Peter Morris turned up in his newly-imported V8-powered AC Cobra. Time stood still as car enthusiasts of all ages took turns to have a closer look at this immaculately prepared dream-car and fantasize about what it would be like to drive such a machine.  Some enthusiast even declared that they would spend a year in silence just to appreciate the sound of the V8 monster as it unleashed its power on the tightly set up track.

With all safety conditions tightly monitored, the competition forged on with egos breaking faster than the cars. In the EP Class Dr. Mark Williams in his Mitsubishi Evolution 5 was able to take home the victory and once again left Amir Hosein in a familiar 2nd place. Competition was tight between the top two with Mark and Amir trading places as the competition unfolded. Randy Rambhai in his stock Evolution 9 was left fighting hard to match the time of the leading pair.

In the SS Class Vishnu Charran finally found his groove and was able to convincingly take home the victory in his Mazda powered MX3. Darrel Ali who suffered gearbox problems earlier in the year in his Honda Civic Hatchback was able to fight off the charging left hand drive Honda Civic of Anthony Farah.

In the ESP Class Devi Nath in his Suzuki Swift once again proved that he is the real deal by beating all competitors in his class and also the class above him. When asked what his secret weapon was, Mr. Nath just smiled and said “you will learn the race is NOT only won on the track “. The fight was on for 2nd place with Kevin Singh in his Vauxhall Chevette HSR and Brandon Steele in his Swift Sport battling each other as the day progressed. In the end Brandon was able to hold off Kevin and took home 2nd place. Solodex 2009 Rookie of the year Christopher Ramnath suffering from the effects of the flu held on for 4th place.

In the ES class Pete Arindell in his Suzuki Swift was able to hold off the action filled attack by Genevieve Nath in her Suzuki Swift. Genevieve was attacking Pete with full force while holding off the “last run show stopper” Rudi Singh in his Mitsubishi Lancer.

In the HS Class Solodex regular Jiaram Nanan in his Nissan Sentra was able to fight off newcomer Adrian Persad in his Honda Civic and win the HS title for the day. Joey Ramdeo struggled throughout the day, trying to match the times of the leading pair.

The Novice Class at Solodex 5 was constituted by new drivers of the various clubs that came out to take part in the competition. Hannah Morris in her Mitsubishi Evolution 10 was able to convincingly win the NE1 Class. Daniel Lee in his Honda Civic was able to hold on to a win in NE 2. The quality of driving showed by all the novices is quite encouraging as they were not far off the times if they go into their respective classes. With a little more coaching and practicing of proper racing technique, the future can be bright for these young novices.

Solodex may very well be a good starting point for the new drivers to learn the handling characteristics of their cars in a controlled and secure environment with proper mentoring.

Solodex will be heading to Tobago on the weekend of 17th – 19th September 2010 to stage the second “Bago dex” Event at the car park of the Dwight Yorke Stadium. The weekend promises to be full of fun, excitement and a chance to promote motor sports on the sister isle. Stay tuned to what’s happening with CARS at or check out the CARS – Solodex Forums on

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