Digital Badges and Project Management Skills: Connection and Benefits

Digital Badges and Project Management Skills: Connection and Benefits

With technology development, digital studying, qualifications, and certificates became of the same value as real ones have. Multiple courses, online certifications, and even universities with online courses exploit digital certificates or badges to claim the student’s proficiency. 

Since badges can prove the microunits knowledge and separate skills perfection, they are cherished both among students and employers. Employers get aware of the skill the potential employee obtains, while the student can earn additional badges in the process of acquiring specific qualifications. For example, you can do the chemistry project but attain the badge in management skills applied in the project organization. Or you can assist with research paper help online and grab a badge for not only qualification in the paper field but research or writing skills as well. 

So, let’s look closer at what the badges are for and what they have to do with management. 

What are Badges

Badges are legal and verified confirmation of a person obtaining a skill, knowledge, qualification, degree, a certain level of proficiency, and so on. With digital education constantly developing, badges have been replacing certificates of completion and qualification. They are exploited by online courses, extra classes, university programs, and so many more. There are plenty of applications allowing you to design and validate badges for your purpose even.

How Do Badges Work

The badges are recognized by colleges, universities, and employers as lawful declarations of applicant’s skills, knowledge, qualification, etc. But how does it work? Once you pass some course or certification, you are handed an electronic badge. It contains all the necessary information to prove your achievement. Your name, skill obtained or course completed, the organization or body who handed the badge, date, and more can be placed on the badge. Then you can attach this badge to your application or cover letter, share on social media and so on to increase your chance to get the job or education you aimed at. 

Pros and Cons of Badges

Badges are gaining more popularity among students, teachers and employers. Even though they have commonly become a duplicate for a certificate or micro-credentials, there are some inconveniences the use of badges may arise. Let’s go through the badge system pros and cons before you make your final decision. 


  • Separate skills and knowledge validated
  • Sharable and postable on social media
  • Convey laconic but necessary data
  • Protect personal data of the recipient
  • Attracts the attention of the ‘necessary’ people


  • Not all the employers and university trust badge system
  • Conservative people prefer certification
  • No unique evaluation system – badges with the same name may mean different qualifications.

As you see, the badges system is the future of any kind of certificates. But they still have a way to cover, way to develop, and way to make people trust badges. 

Badges and Project Management

When it comes to project management, badges are the only solution to save your time money and efforts. Sometimes you need to take extra courses even if you already have the decent knowledge and skills just to prove your qualifications. We practice project management at school, college and university, not as a separate course or subject but in complex with other subjects or tasks. So, there are some changes to be applied with badges at hand to help potential project managers and their employers out:

  • Educational institutes have to start using badges;
  • Badges are to be given to validate micro-skills and separate knowledge attained in different courses;
  • If the student performs well when preparing the project, he/she is to gain respective badge (for leadership, time management, project management, teamwork, etc.);
  • Students are to exploit badges when applying for job and university.

This way badges system should become a right way out for students who aim to evolve as project managers and already have a necessary qualification from other courses. Still, they weren’t outlined in their completion certificates. 


Badges system is not displacing the paper and digital certificates, as many conservative people fear. Instead, badges complete the evaluation and validation of students. Hence, applicants for a university or company will seem to be more reliable, qualified and suitable for requirements. In addition, students will also get vital skills validated, counting management, collaboration, teamwork, and similar ones. Badges are doomed to add to the career evolvement and become perfect tools on the way to professional perfection.

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