Autosport Drag and Wind 2 – Time Attack

Autosport Drag and Wind 2 – Time Attack

D&W # 2…. The challenge… to run successfully…. without a PA system. The result, an unmitigated YES, successfully completing the full range of competition in all classes, and still having the bonus of competitors freeing up themselves in the fun runs, and the DWO Team celebrating their successes as outright winners in GT3 and GT4 by putting down their own specialty of a free-style display of what drifting is all about.

Of course the spectators were at a disadvantage since we could not communicate with them as we went through the various phases of competition, but they obviously still enjoyed the action, albeit coming across via sign language, with the drivers communicating via their driving styles.

Drift vs Drive After the first two Events for 2012, we see the Drift King in the person of Kerry Philip, registering two consecutive victories in the GT4A Class. And  we also see Dirk Bailey winning in GT3. Do we have to take a new look at whether the myth of drifters not being up to the mark vs. the rest can be left for further analysis?

Clive Sugden also has his own agenda on experience and age ……and on any given day he can turn this argument upside down. Take a guess as to what this is…33-65-26, and it is not any strange female statistic eh! By the way, when both Kerry and Clive had a win each and were going into the final run, Clive detected some spongy feeling in his brakes, believing at the time it was overheating, and requested a short time-out, only to discover a short while later that one brake line was leaking and, he gentlemanly conceded the victory to Kerry. Kevon is now finding himself being pushed down the podium, but he has displayed some good talent and a keen fighting spirit, and Joel will have to bring back some special concoction or heavy-duty oil-field equipment from the East of Africa to dislodge this trio.

33-65-26:  Ages of Kerry-Clive-Kevon!

Classs 4B surprise, seeing Khayam Ali consistently holding his own (2nd in D&W#1 and now first) with his dated Mazda Familia getting the better of the Evos and Subarus of Allistair Rahamut, Latiff Khan and Troy Sooknanan respectively.

Class 3 will definitely be split into A and B by the next Event. And Dirk will be pushed to maintain his lead in Class, if and when Devi gets a navigator (for these Events). And now with Mr. Zorce showing that, not only can he write and speak, but may also have a bit of driving talent!

Class 2A saw the cool and calculated Daryl Ali leading his AutoNation/Honda Team to victory over the very experienced Kirk Ho Hing in the VW Jetta, and they both bumping Nicholas Chang Wai to third and Christopher Khadar in his Mazda Miata placing fourth.

Class 2B showed the tuner of the AutoNation/Honda Team Kester Johnson, sharing the Civic 1800 and piloting it to a comfortable win over first-time motor racing competitor David Lyons in his Suzuki GTi 1300 Turbo, a creditable performance indeed and David is very keen to make some slight adjustments and go for gold. Gerard Tang Yuk improved to 3rd and Venus Miller continues to hold her own in this very competitive Class.

Class 1A saw first time D&W entrant Ryan Peyrau, with his LifeStyle Motors Sponsored Suzuki Swift Sport raising a lot of eyebrows with his incredible performance – recording the 5th fastest time amongst all competitors, in a Class 1 Car. Clearly showing that his vast experience in Karting has provided him with driving ability to carve out a clean and tight run in this new-style competition. Sayeed Mandal shows his consistency in this keenly contested group with the youthful (age 19) Aqeeb Ali and the very experienced Kendall Chai battling very close behind for maximum points. With the disappointment of a broken gearbox, Brandon Steele (age 20) still managed to register, from his solitary run, the second fastest time in this Class.

Class 1B The winner this time around, Alex Foster, was feeling so good, he was driving around with his number on the car days afterwards! This class has brought some new competitors onto the podium in the persons of Leon Obrian and Neil Gopeesingh with Ludwig Gopeesingh holding on to fourth place..

The Parts Unlimited-sponsored Best Reaction Time was won by Devi Nath launching off from the start with a time of .504 secs.

Are we seeing a clear picture that the New-Car dealers do have an avenue to showcase their vehicles in a competitive environment? Looking forward to the Ford and Kia brands getting involved very soon.

We remind all, that as of the third Event, carded for 29th April:

  1. The Class that you run in from that Event, will be fixed for the remainder of the year.
  2. You can change a car and run in the same class and still maintain your points. Or you can change your car, go to another class and  now start to earn points in that new class.
  3. New competitors are welcome.
  4. Championship points will only be counted from your best eight Events.

New prizes from next Event…

Sponsored by Commercial Representations Limited:

Awards for Fastest TIME of the day IN EACH CLASS $1,000.00 (this being A and B combined)

Vouchers for the Winners of each Class

Third place trophies now included from 2nd Event.

Class 1B

Neil Gopeesingh with Ludwig Gopeesingh holding on to fourth place.

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