Drag and Wind #3

Drag and Wind #3

Drag & Wind #3 continued where the previous two for 2013 left off.

Great entries, as good a spectator attendance as we can hope for at this venue and the gradual improvement of organization in an ever evolving environment. Two major areas we focused on were to increase spectator covered-bleacher accommodation, and this we did but…. was still shown to be wanting more. And gaining access to the cleared area to the South for more parking. In both instances we were dragged on until the last minute to keep our word, but we persevered and delivered in the end.

We continue to see new competitors at every event, and we are arriving at a point of saturation, and our decision to not accept late entries will be tightened. We have to be concerned with satisfying those who submit their entries early, and this in itself helps us to organize our competition in Classes.

We are still to achieve that elusive 10:00am start-time, in spite of partially setting up on Saturday evening. There is so much we can do without risking loss of equipment overnight. So from the next event we are almost certain to have those competitors who come early enjoy the their practice runs from 10:00am, and then have our Driver’s meeting. This should ensure our regaining some more D&W run time and facilitate the finals being a best two in three.

And then we can stick to our 4:00pm set-up and start for drifting. This segment of our event is being sponsored by Total and McGuiars, and we have to make that extra effort to ensure their time is not discounted so we are going to give this time schedule our best shot.

We note the many comments that have been made relating to break-out times, and we are discussing the many options available to determine the best way forward.

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