Drag & Wind #5 2012

Drag & Wind #5 2012

Drag & Wind #5 was successfully executed on Sunday 24th June at ARC Car Park. We always speak of the mix of competitors and cars that can and have been able to participate in this type of Event. And another major plus, is, in spite of Rain, the event goes on. When there is just too much we do shut down the timing system for safety and to avoid damage to the electronics, but the major issue is the delay that inevitably occurs.

Once past that we make every effort to move forward and get back on schedule. That lead to cutting back on the sector times. When we arrived at the third sector of running off the four finalists in each class, we just had to go for a one loss in the final run to determine eventual winners.

We have had the issue with noise and took a firm position to address the problem, including bringing in proper electronic equipment to measure the louder cars, and while none crossed our suggested limit of 80dbl, we have still been pushing for all parties to even reduce this level. The main problem now are those who stay on the outside, and at the end of our Event, they display their selfish attitudes by making as much noise, and this even alongside the stables to the East. So we will have additional police on the outside, and AFTER the Event maybe a few might just get some expensive complimentaries to be paid in 14 days. If only everyone can look at the bigger picture!

On a positive side, we did invite the TT Karting Association to bring a few Karts on display, prior to their Event the following weekend. They made two passes and showed that their times can be faster than the better cars.

A look at our overall points system shows that those who have been consistent are now leading in their respect classes and ensuring that they collect every point that is up for grabs. And we now see Clive Sugden, clearly staking his claim as one of the best drivers in this competition, with the most points across the board, and also winning in the top 4A Class, in the process registering the fastest time of the day, and this after also claiming a best Reaction Time at the previous event.

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