Motor Maniacs Wings and Wheels: 01-02.Aug.15

Motor Maniacs Wings and Wheels: 01-02.Aug.15

After months of planning, the incredible effort by the indomitable George Leacock and Radio Tambrin was successfully executed on the weekend of 1st -2nd August. The newly-paved car park to the West of the Dwight Yorke Stadium was converted into a Motor Sport Arena with the second staging of the Motor Maniacs Wings and Wheels Event. Proof that with great insight, one can set out to create a whole new concept in Sports Tourism that can only grow to incredible heights in the coming years. This must have the support of the THA and Corporate Tobago to guarantee success.

AutoSport Racing of Trinidad was invited to be part of this Event and graciously accepted the offer to add another Caribbean island where they have successfully executed their own brand  of expertly executed Motor Sport competition – this being done in previous years in Grenada, Antigua and St. Lucia.


Tobago drivers – 23, were on par with their Trini counterparts – 27 winning three of the eight classes contested, and occupying 12 of the 24 podium places, and also sharing the spoils in the Best-Reaction-Time Award, this being the incredible time of 0.001 seconds.


Quite apart from the Drag & Wind competitors, there were the competitors who race Radio Control Cars, Radio Control Planes and Radio Control Helicopters, with these participants coming from Florida, Trinidad and then from Tobago. It was just incredible to see the flying skills of one of the youngest pilots who had his Helicopter literally dancing to a Machel tune as he expertly flew his machine in what was possibly the most incredible display for the weekend.


Then there was the incredible Drifting display of expert car handling by the three-car Team from Drift World Order, again showing their outstanding car-handling ability.

The Motor Cyclists from different clubs displaying their incredible machines and also showing their social responsibility to raise funds via a raffle, the proceeds going to a special charity.


And to complete the weekend of activities, there was the Sound Off Music competition that literally brought the crowd in close proximity to those who have a love for installing the loudest audio equipment in to their cars and SUV’s. Even had two Tobago based Kart racers making a guest appearance and showing that Karts in this event do have place, if enough drivers can make the trip.

It was really interesting to have to share a weekend of racing with all of the other activities. But again allowed ARA to coordinate the interchanging of activities to ensure all participants had a fair share of exposure on both days of racing. And this in itself proved that we can fill any location with motor sport interests to satisfy entire families.


Best Reaction Time Sponsored by ADon Construction Ltd.
Olatunji Rudder x Troy Small: 0.001s

Fastest Time of the Day

Khaleel Mohammed: 43.251s

Class 60+s = 53

1st 951 Steve Garcia Corolla
2nd 111 Venus Miller Altezza
3rd 964 Dwaylon Wright Lancer 1500

Class 59s = 51

1st 888 Anthony Farah Carib Corolla
2nd 901 Terri-Lee Grant Nissan C33 2600
3rd 964 Akeel Smith Nissan 720 SR20

Class 58s = 50

1st 957 Deon Taylor Mazda 323 2000
2nd 175 Jagdeo Seecharan Nissan B13 2000
3rd 961 Darren Richards Cefiro RB20

Class 57s = 48

1st 235 Olatunji Rudder-Fisher Subaru 2000
2nd 802 Arvin Paguandas Mazda RX8
3rd 109 Steven Hosein Mazda MX3 1800

Class 56s =47

1st 48 Rajendra Singh Nissan Lucino 2000
2nd 603 Krishna Nanan Nissan AD Wagon
3rd 199 Richard Mohammed Mazda RX 7

Class 55s = 46

1st 960 Raoul Yeates Mitsubishi Evo 7
2nd 277 Aaron Achan Subaru STi
3rd 337 Dario Jordan Lancer 2000

Class 54s = 45

1st 105 Christopher Kahadar Mazda MX5 2000
2nd 954 Miguele Granville Subaru STi
3rd 229 Shalan Mack Nissan AD Wagon 2000

Class OPEN 53s = 43

1st 28 Kirk Ho Hing Terrapin 750cc
2nd 94 Alistair Rahamut Mitsubishi Evolution 6
3rd 411 Skene Howie Subaru Impreza GDB 2000

Additional Photography by Matthew John and Nigel Prudent Sambrano.

On board footage via Aaron Achan:

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