TTPMCL Drag Racing: Sunday 4th October 2015

TTPMCL Drag Racing: Sunday 4th October 2015

Back with another one of those block rockin’ beats! After what seems to be centuries the Trinidad and Tobago Performance Motorsport Company Ltd. (TTPMCL) reinstated the FB Wallerfield International Raceway to its former reputation with some kick ass drag racing. Promoting the evolution of motorsport TTPMCL implemented bits and pieces of the NHRA Sportsman class rules in local competition which meant competitors had to meet standards such as driveshaft loops, 5 point harnesses and roll bars for cars under 11s and competition rules such as 2 loss knock outs and Bracket Marshalls.


Running West to East the new layout for the event boasted 500ft of track bite however tires were dragged on the remaining of the strip as it ran onto the main straightaway of the circuit which efficiently doubled  as a return lane and pits as TTPMCL ensured maximum fluidity throughout the event for the whopping 80 entrants!
I’m pretty sure if you look up the word “efficiency” Rawle Mahabir would be the definition. When it comes to running a tight-ship Rawle and his team from Autosport Racing Association always pull through amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy race day.

Third run after the track was opened on  Saturday life reminded us that mishap in motorsport is inevitable as competitor Vijay Balleram lost control of his Mazda RX7 running off into the infield and rolling. Thankfully, it was the only mishap for the weekend as trials went on till 6:00PM.

Contrasting the ugly of a mishap, crowd pleasers such as the SKF Lancer, Richard Gardner, Nick Permanan and Samuel “Omar” Weekes put down some amazing runs and even broke some personal records, while Kirk Ho Hing showed us what power-to-weight ratio is about in his “Terrapin.”


Quick Pick: The SKF Lancer- Wasting no time Ryan Garcia opened her up with a 8.77s pass on his first run down the track, but the best is yet to come- as the weekend progressed Ryan laid down a comfortable 8.2s pass, remember, 4G to da worl?


Quick Pick: Richard Gardner’s Pocket Rocket- GTi R, Mazworx and SR20- no shit great things are going to happen. Even though the reaction time could have been a bit better the Pocket Rocket managed an effortless 9.30s, his personal best. Richard said the car with the same setup ran 9.7 in Orlando, some good news for the quality of the track at Wallerfield!


Quick Pick: Nick Permanan- All I can think of when I saw this car run was a line from Fast and Furious (2001), “Kids pour in. They want everything he has every performance part. They pay cash!” From street to strip in the same trim Nick’s sleeper Evo 3 is nothing short of outstanding and proper marketing strategy for Tuner Imports TT. Time? 10.32s…


Quick Pick: Samuel “Omar” Weekes- Ah…another Evo? Yes one that can only be described as Nick’s big bad brother! Gone are the street days of this beast as it’s now a full drag car that pulls off 11s.


Quick Pick: Terrapin- This 750cc monster piloted by Kirk Ho Hing currently dominates events such as Drag and Wind and Autocross- but drags? The lightweight space frame chasis doesn’t fail when paired with a 750cc bike engine to run consistent 13s.


Quick Pick: Rugrat- from the open sea to racetrack Dale Meyers gives 110% especially in his Mazda RX7… 8.91s.

The Trinidad and Tobago Performance Motorpsort Company Limited will like to thank its sponsors/partners, competitors, spectators, TTPS, TTFS, Trinidad and Tobago Security Services, Trinidad and Tobago Ambulance Services.

Sponsors/Partners: Lucas Oil Products, 104.7 More FM, CIACS, NLCB, Bullet Motorsports, TriniTuner, Zorce, Space La Nouba, Blue Mountain Water, Autosport Racing Associations, Caribel, Garage 4, Cell Plus, NEXX Electrical, Printex Converters, RCM Automobile and RoRo, Escape T&T, OPS Concepts, RB Transport, Scorpion Racing and Tuner Imports.

Upcoming events: Test n Tune Oct 31st-Nov 1st / International Competition Nov 28th-29th


Best Reaction Time Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.
#18 Cedric Johnson: 0.03s

Fastest Car of the Day Sponsored by AutoSport

Ryan Garcia (SKF Lancer): 8.206s @ 160.710mph

Fastest Bike of the Day Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.
Garvin Gomez (Kawasaki 1000): 9.623 @ 153.600mph

Class 15s Sponsored by Nexxt Electrical Services

1st 105 Jason Williams Nissan Laurel RB25
2nd 318 Peter McCarthy Mitsubishi SR20
3rd 790 Daniel Persad Lancer 1600 Turbo

Class 14s Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.

1st 314 Amatus BMW E36 3000
2nd 38 Brian Franco Datsun V8
3rd 316 Richard Mano Golf GTi

Class 13s Sponsored by  104.7 More FM

1st 94 Alistair Rahamut Mitsubishi Evo 5
2nd 28 Kirk Ho Hing Terrapin 750cc
3rd 24 Idris Maharaj Civic 1900

Class 12s Sponsored by Nexxt Electrical Services

1st 62 Navin Ganesh Honda 1800
2nd 53 Clinton Jeffers B13 SR20
3rd 252 Brian Philmore Mazda RX7

Class 11s Sponsored by Tuner Imports

1st 214 Anil Ramnath B13 SR20
2nd 18 Johnson Cedric B13
3rd 156 Samuel Weekes Mitsubishi Evo 3

Class 10s Sponsored by LubeTech

1st 137 Chris Juman Mitsubishi CK 2000
2nd 68 Nick Permanand Mitsubishi Evo 3
3rd 323 Richard Ramlogan Cefiro

Class 9s Sponsored by Kaizen Trading

1st 33 Dale Mayers Mazda RX 7 Turbo
2nd 130 Richard Gardener Nissan GTi-R

Class 10s  Bikes Sponsored by OPS Concept

1st 116 Matthew Henry Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
2nd 171 Sharaz Hosein Kawasaki
3rd 185 Janelle Albarado Suzuki 1000

Class 11s Bikes Sponsored by Blue Mountain Waters

1st 99 Arun Lall Kawasaki 1000
2nd 170 Sharaz Hosein Suzuki Hayabusa


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