TTPMCL Drag Racing Prize Giving

TTPMCL Drag Racing Prize Giving

The Trinidad and Tobago Performance Motorsport Company Ltd. (TTPMCL) followed up their recent drag racing event held on the 3rd and 4th of October 2015 with it’s Prize Giving Ceremony held at Bootleggers on 15th October 2015.

Starting at around 7PM competitors and officials showed up to receive/distribute trophies and their copies of Zorce Racing Magazine to well over 27 competitors in 9 different classes.

Photography by Arnold Persad.





Best Reaction Time Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.
#18 Cedric Johnson: 0.03s

Fastest Car of the Day Sponsored by AutoSport

Ryan Garcia (SKF Lancer): 8.206s @ 160.710mph

Fastest Bike of the Day Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.
Garvin Gomez (Kawasaki 1000): 9.623 @ 153.600mph

Class 15s Sponsored by Nexxt Electrical Services

1st 105 Jason Williams Nissan Laurel RB25
2nd 318 Peter McCarthy Mitsubishi SR20
3rd 790 Daniel Persad Lancer 1600 Turbo



Class 14s Sponsored by Cell Plus Ltd.

1st 314 Amatus BMW E36 3000
2nd 38 Brian Franco Datsun V8
3rd 316 Richard Mano Golf GTi


Class 13s Sponsored by 104.7 More FM

1st 94 Alistair Rahamut Mitsubishi Evo 5
2nd 28 Kirk Ho Hing Terrapin 750cc
3rd 24 Idris Maharaj Civic 1900



Class 12s Sponsored by Nexxt Electrical Services

1st 62 Navin Ganesh Honda 1800
2nd 53 Clinton Jeffers B13 SR20
3rd 252 Brian Philmore Mazda RX7



Class 11s Sponsored by Tuner Imports

1st 214 Anil Ramnath B13 SR20
2nd 18 Johnson Cedric B13
3rd 156 Samuel Weekes Mitsubishi Evo 3

Class 10s Sponsored by LubeTech

1st 137 Chris Juman Mitsubishi CK 2000
2nd 68 Nick Permanand Mitsubishi Evo 3
3rd 323 Richard Ramlogan Cefiro

Class 9s Sponsored by Kaizen Trading

1st 33 Dale Mayers Mazda RX 7 Turbo
2nd 130 Richard Gardener Nissan GTi-R

Class 10s Bikes Sponsored by OPS Concept

1st 116 Matthew Henry Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
2nd 171 Sharaz Hosein Kawasaki
3rd 185 Janelle Albarado Suzuki 1000

Class 11s Bikes Sponsored by Blue Mountain Waters

1st 99 Arun Lall Kawasaki 1000
2nd 170 Sharaz Hosein Suzuki Hayabusa


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