Drag & Wind #3 2014

Drag & Wind #3 2014

First we in AutoSport sincerely thank you all for the patience you have exercised as we slowly worked our way back to being able to Stage our first Event at ARC …. In April 2014! Since D&W #1 and #2 were cancelled.

We shall continue to work with the authorities to ensure that such issues that contributed to this late start, and the loss of two race dates, are things of the past.

With the staging of this first event, with the new course layout, and the new system of classifying cars, we all know that there are rough edges to be polished out. With change comes these hurdles that WE all shall work together to tidy up.

We have NOT determined how many Events shall be counted towards the EOY Championship. We have NOT determined the final number of Classes we shall be running. As we analyze the times registered across the board, we need to ensure that fair-play is always uppermost in the final determination of our competition.

You would also note that we have a lot of work to do to reignite the interest in our Sponsors, several were not sure of whether this Event would come off with the two days approval notice that we got. We succeeded in staging this first Event and now we focus on the rebuilding process.

A special thank you to all who made the effort to come out for this Event at such short notice and we are convinced that our next Event, carded for 25th May will be even bigger and better.

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