Euro Car Track Day 2019

Euro Car Track Day 2019

Track days are the best days.

It’s the great equalizer of skill from different genres: Professional Drivers, Project car Owners, Mechanics, Keyboard and smart phone warriors…I can go on. But when you get that “ok go!” sign from the track marshall and you hit the track: All bets are off.

Such was the time some of us had on Sunday December 8th. Local tuning outfit Ecotune Trinidad alongside quality used car dealers AlphaMotorsTT (Director Peter Figueira) under the watchful eye of TTASA brought about 20 odd drivers, euro car owners (and we let a few japs slip in for good measure) converged at Wallerfield International Raceway for a day of fun, picong, learnings and scores to settle (those Keyboard terrorists again).

For most of the drivers it was a new experience for them, taking their cars out on the track and learning driving dynamics under the tutorage of Zackary Boodram, Devi Nath and newly crowned TTASA Sportsman of the Year 2019, Keeva Seegobin. Ryan Peyrau, Ronnie (I know him as Uncle Ralphie’s son), Peter Edghill, Andrew Cheekes and David De Gannes were also in attendance lending knowledge and showing their skill to the newbies. Zach took out the near-700whp Viper for a few laps, much to the joy of those in attendance.

That Porsche 991 911 GT2 RS though. You must see it in action around the track…hear it scream to appreciate how effortlessly it dispatched the track.

Gears shifted after lunch to the 1320 strip where we did some simple “eh! Yuh ready? Go!” style drag runs which saw some very interesting matchups. A Porsche GT2 RS against a GOLF R? We’ll have some of that thank you very much! Sean Shairsingh in his Porsche GT3 RS battling Ecotune’s modified MK7 Golf R with a stage 2 remap (400hp) led to some interesting results (We’ll let the Keyboard guys tell you who really won the “best out of three”).

For me? I loved driving the different cars…experiencing from the drivers’ seats the different setups that owners had. It puts a good perspective on what enthusiasts deem as performance, but al coming under on luscious caption: “Passion”.
There’s great story here. Just great cars, good friends, good times and level Picong (we’ll omit the Silverado drag races and the cars it beat on the 1320).

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to all the key players, the few photographers that made it, and Sparky. Enjoy the snaps below!

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