Evolution Karting Club Fund Raiser

Evolution Karting Club Fund Raiser

Founded by Peter Sorzano and Kristiana Sorzano the Evolution Go- Karting Club is a team who is passionate about motor sports and want  to promote various aspects of Go Kart Racing and to engage youths and adults to learn basic driving skills, safety aspects of driving, mechanical skills, team work whilst having.

Peter wants to get the youths of the nation involved.

When they learn to drive from a young age they gain experience, so when they step into cars at 17 they will already have instilled in them how to be a responsible driver.

We are very confident that the skills and safety awareness children could acquire from our training could contribute to the reduction of road fatalities. This could be an opportunity or head start to recognize magnificent potential especially among the youths and our plan is to offer this opportunity to them at a young age; a time when they are in the development stage of their lives.


Here’s what Peter had to say when asked about himself and Evolution Go- Karting Club.

“My name is Peter Sorzano and I lived in England for over 19 years where I had the opportunity to teach both of my sons to become very proficient go kart race drivers; the older of which now holds a British motor racing licence. While living in England I had the opportunity to design karts for some disabled children that were unable to use their legs and I also supplied a special design part made for karts for a charity that worked with soldiers that were badly injured in Iraq. Now back home and with my passion for karting I decided to liaise with other interested parties and we formed a club- Evolution Go-Karting Club.”

By forming this club we also hope to bring families and communities together as there are no limits when it comes to learning and enjoying the sports because our karts can be customized to fit each and everyone’s need.

The Benefits of karting for the children of this country is quite vast and are as follows:

  1. They will be taught organizational skills and they would be the ones raising the funds to finance the purchases of the karts for their schools which will also allow them to develop a sense of responsibility.
  2. They will also learn to assemble these karts with a view to developing mechanical skills and then have the reward of driving the units.
  3. They will also be introduced to Defensive Driving not from the usual theoretical aspect but from a practical one, this in itself is an endeavour to create better and safer future drivers and may also assist in the reduction of road fatalities.
  4. Participants would also develop socially as they must learn to work with a team in order to have successful run around the tracks.
  5. They will learn the difference between driving in a controlled and uncontrolled environment and to recognize their abilities.

We seek any valued advice and support (financially or otherwise) to make this venture a successful reality.

We also see in the near future the introduction of a karting facility to develop both the youths and other enthusiasts of the country and to improve socially the lives of our fellow citizens.

This Fund Raiser (see pictures below ) was held at Quarry Village, Siparia.

Our aim was to inform the public about  Evolution Go – Karting Club and to raise funds towards the development of the club and most importantly to bring the community together.

The event was sponsored by Evolution tools Caribbean Ltd Kendall Oil, Achievers, Edoos, Ralo Tent Rental and Speedy Mufflers.

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