Examsnap Explores the Most Important CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Topics

Examsnap Explores the Most Important CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Topics

Studying for any CompTIA certification exam is not only difficult but also boring.Actually, it may sometimes seem you are pushing some pyramid up a steep hill. However, learning doesn’t have to be hard and monotonous. Knowing what things to do and how to prepare can make the process much simpler. When you know what you should study, you will also easily understand how much time you need. This can greatly increase the quality of your learning and reduce the annoying tiresome feelings that are usually related to this. You might have the best exam preparation materials like the ones that Examsnap offers. However, if you don’t know what you should know at the end, even the best CompTIA A+preparation tools will not be of much help. Knowing the topics of CompTIA A+ certification exams makes studying for the tests a little bit easier. It is also helpful to use braindumps from Examsnap when learning for this CompTIA certificate.

CompTIA A+ certification exams

To be CompTIA A+ certified, you must pass two certification exams. These tests are220-1001 and 220-1002. There are 90 questions in each exam. Each test has a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes. Basically, you have just one minute for each question. The Exams have performance-based and multiple-choice questions.The passing score of A+ 220-001 is 675 out of the maximum possible score of 900. For 220-1002, the passing score is 700 out of 900. The possible languages are English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

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CompTIA A+ exam topics

As mentioned earlier, it is good to know what you must study. In other words, you should know what topics are covered in the CompTIA A+ certification program. This way, you will be able to plan your study easily and increase your chances of passing the exams. Here are the big topics related to the CompTIA A+ certification.

  1. BIOS

The topic regarding BIOS is the first and a very important one in the CompTIA A+220-1001 exam. It is very long and is filled with commands that you have to know. What’s more, this topic is also elementary. Actually, your computer won’t start if you cannot cope with BIOS.

  1. Networking

Of course, networking is actually more of a domain than a particular topic. However, the candidates have no way around the theme. Networking is an area you must know very well. If not, there is completely no sense to it. Fortunately, the notions of networking are somewhat basic for CompTIA A+. Nevertheless, any person who works with computers has to know some things regarding networking. This is because nowadays, working with a personal computer is actually interpreted to working with the Internet, and the Internet is itself a great lode of networks.

  1. RAM and motherboard components

RAM and motherboard components are other important topics in the CompTIA A+ certification exams. Hence, to pass the tests, you must know motherboard components and RAM. Hardware is actually a very important part of CompTIA A+ 220-1001. Therefore, you must know the specifications of the motherboard and RAM, both for customer service requirements and the sake of technical knowledge.

  1. Windows

Windows still remains the king in the market when it comes to operating systems. To pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams, you must know how to configure and install Windows. If you don’t have the ability to install and configure Windows, you will not go anywhere.

The CompTIA A+exams also ask the students to compare and contrast every version of Windows starting from Vista. The test doesn’t ask you anything about Windows XP because the version is somehow obsolete right now. The topic of Windows doesn’t cover just general or basic things. In fact, it also covers Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Premium. Besides, cmd/run commands. To work effectively on Windows, you should have at least the general knowledge about what some command lines are all about.

  1. Security

Security is another significant area covered prominently in two certification exams. Under the topic of security, you should focus on firewalls, antiviruses, and malware and viruses themselves. System restore and safe modes are also presented here. Again, while security might also be somewhat a domain rather than a topic, you cannot excel in the tests and earn your CompTIA A+ credential without having a deep understanding about it. Be sure to know how to shield up the personal computer. Otherwise, you will not only have grave problems with the exam but also with your PC.

  1. Android vs. iOS

Well, you don’t have to know mobile devices as a whole. However, you should at least be aware of what differentiates these two because these are actually the most commonly used smartphone operating systems. Just know what major difference exists, and also obtain some technical knowledge about mobile devices, and you will be better placed to answer the questions based on Android vs. iOS.

Acronyms and abbreviations

Well, this might seem weird but it’s important. Abbreviations and acronyms might not be a topic in itself. However, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of the exam if you don’t know what POP3, BSOD, WAN, WLAN, LAN or IP stand for. Even when you are using exam questions from Examsnap, you are going to come across a number of abbreviations and acronyms. Actually, it is hard to complete two questions without you coming across one or two acronyms and abbreviations. Try to understand their meaning.


The above named topics are not everything that you need to focus on when studying for the CompTIA tests. You also need to do a thorough research and know all the subjects you need to cover. Always be sure to check out what preparation materials Examsnap offers regarding the CompTIA A+ certification exams.

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