#stikid09’d: A short look at Sayuri

#stikid09’d: A short look at Sayuri

For some of you uncultured swine you’d pass this off as just photos of another old car, but in reality this is what started the drift, ALL of the drift culture we know today. Blending right into the local drift scene while delightfully standing out there’s nothing that says JDM grassroots drifter like an AE86- much less one that screams louder than your last night fling.

It was at a SoloDex event last year that I first saw this car, and I was intrigued by its simplicity and even then it sported more character than most local built “race-cars” with its tie-strapped bumper stitching, and classic dish rims. That was then- over the past year its owner Farieed or as we tuners know him, Moti completely revamped the car- engine and body.


It goes without saying that a car like this has its owner more whipped than a plantation slave and that’s exactly how he is about this car- whipped, but hooked. Moti an Operations Supervisor (probably a fancy way to say he sits all day) belongs to the local drift club Drift Corp (DC). He has been a drift fan boy from way back in the day and pays homage to drifting as it improved various aspects of his life and also helped him become a more approachable and friendly person, even though he still has a net total of zero friends! That’s not as bad as it sounds though, because he now has a huge family consisting performance parts sales reps, drifters, photographers, mechanics and a son- well we’re still waiting on confirmation from the paternity test…


For him being able to attend a drift event and socialize with the other drifters and their crews while doing something you love is a great feeling- actually it’s euphoric. That’s the best way to describe what it’s like being immersed in something you completely love.


Up until around 2 years ago Moti was cruising around in another classic, an RA60 Celica- but it’s not what his heart was set on. He wanted that AE86! Well amongst other cars such as the S14 (Kouki), FT86, MK IV Supra, JZX100 and a RWD drive-wait for it- Subaru. Did we just become best friends there Moti?!


They say good things come to those who wait, but eventually becoming disenchanted Moti began thinking he may not own one due to their numbers in the country- or shall I say lack thereof? Even when these cars go up for sale there’s some friend of the owner that calls dibs, but that changed on a rainy afternoon as he put it, when his “neighbour” rang him up and told him he was selling one. The very same afternoon he viewed it, said he wants it and one week later the Celica was sold and there it was- Moti’s new addiction as he dubbed it Sayuri (小百合, “small, lily”).


From the onset of owning the car, the goals were set and more than clear- to be one of the best put together AE86’s locally, while retaining its 4AGE 16V so that the true AE86 experience can be had whenever he wanted. Every part that goes on to Sayuri had copious amounts of research done on it to ensure best performance.


When asked about the best driving experience with the car Moti states, “Sayuri (like all other AE86s) tends to look at you and demand to be driven, the car actually allows you to think that you can drive it- that is until she makes you a passenger. Every time I drive this car I learn something new and I also get that confirmation that I am still afraid of it. Maybe it’s because of the rarity or maybe because I know that I am not that good at drifting. However I just can’t help but enjoy putting her sideways while still fearful of doing damage if I lose control. Being an underpowered car it takes a lot of work to keep it in a drift, but to me driving this car at the drift events, is and will always be the best driving experience.”


Engine: 4AGE 16v (stock internals), converted to carburettor via  a Yamaha R1, Koyo Radiator, T3 Hoses, Aftermarket Oil Catch Can, T3 Oversized water pump pulley, T3 oversized alternator pulley, HKS Timing belt, TRD head gasket.

Driveline: Stock AE86 (Original differential with mechanical LSD, T50 5fwd box, original drive shaft), ACT Copper Clutch, ACT Pressure Plate, 20 Valve BT flywheel.

Suspension/Brakes: Custom built coilovers (front), TRD springs (rear), Teflon bushings all around, Cusco camber plates, Cusco bump steer spacers.

Wheel/Tires: 15×9 0-offset wrapped in 195/50/15. It’s a drift car, a variety of wheels and tires are used as available.

Electronics: Custom bike ignition system.

Exterior: Rocket Bunny duck tail lip, stock otherwise.

Interior: Full race Bride seat, hydraulic handbrake, keyless start, Techno Toy Tuning C pillar brace.

Moti’s Favourite Mod: “I would have to say the driver’s seat, as once installed I felt that I can pull off the most awesome drifts…until reality kicked in.”

Garage: Balkies Auto Garage

Electrician: Scorpion Ignitions

Sponsors: K&A Tyre Shop, Vishnu’s Aluminium Welding, Dindial’s Auto Supplies, Valvoline, Balkie’s Auto Garage.











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