2010 Festival of Sport – San Fernando Grand Prix Official Release

2010 Festival of Sport – San Fernando Grand Prix Official Release

In 1986, Trinidad & Tobago was treated to a spectacle of Motorsport that many remember as one of the greatest events they ever witnessed. The effect was so great that spectators rushed on to the roads and racing had to be stopped. So great was their passion for seeing the streets of San Fernando alive with the glorious sound of full race machines at full throttle. The date will November 14th, 2010, the event will be the festival of Sport, the brain child of Selwyn Bunny Persad, past president of TTASA and presently FIA/NACAM delegate, who also holds the position of PRO SECRETARY General on the board of NACAM.

Get ready to experience some of the best action you will ever see on the streets of San Fernando! Yes you’re reading right it’s happening again… Now is your chance so see it all!

San Fernando Grand PrixThe Ministry of Sport and the City of San Fernando has granted all the necessary approvals. Of course this did not happen with arbitrary string-pulling. This is a privately organized event held in collaboration with the city and MSYA. Admission will be FREE. All costs involved will be borne by sponsorship and interested parties can contact the committee members at the end of this release. Racers can do the same, although most of the cars have already been earmarked by their respective racing fraternities. This event is clearly then not about the almighty dollar as long as running costs are covered. It is however, about giving the City of San Fernando an experience they will never forget and if all goes well, for the right reasons.

The streets on the popular “cross” aka Cross Crossing Intersection and the highway roads there will be used to form a road course as shown in the diagram. There will be walkovers between Skinner Park and the stands on the road to allow free and easy access to concessions and additional seating. Portable toilet booths will be placed throughout the venue. There will also be commemorative merchandise on sale so you can let everyone know you were there. There will be stands placed near the hairpins and straightaways for a choice of which action you would like to observe.

In terms of safety, the entire course is rated for up to 70mph collisions and will be certified by FIA officials who will fly in two days before for final inspection. They are from NACAM which is the western hemispheric arm of the FIA. Chicanes will be used to slow the cars down from their potential speeds of well over 100mph and allow more opportunities for passing and braking duels. Tire and water filled barriers will be used along with fencing and elevated stands to ensure that everyone is out of harm’s way. Local TTASA officials will be inspecting, certifying, organizing run groups and directing the Car and Kart races.

The day’s programme is packed even with a 6am start and is scheduled to be closed to allow free traffic access safely by 3:30-4:00pm at which point activities will be limited to Skinner’s Park itself. The proposed schedule is as follows:

Official Itinerary

Paid Parking will be provided in the Stadium by the City of San Fernando and of course food and drinks will be on sale, also to be handled by the City. Please remember to comply with police officers, officials and marshalls on the day as access will be restricted and directed for everyone’s safety. Regular traffic flow will be accommodated through auxiliary roads and shoppers will still be able to access JTA Supermarket and the NP Gas Station. So remember to set aside the date on your calendar, November 14th and get there early!

Here is a map showing the proposed circuit track layout. There will be chicanes along the longer stretches to slow the cars down and to add more technical sections to the course (click to enlarge):

Proposed track layout

The following are the approval letters from the San Fernando City Cooperation and the Minister of Sport respectively:

City of San Fernando approval

Ministry of Sport approval

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