Five Safety Rules You Must Follow Every Time You Ride a Motorcycle

Five Safety Rules You Must Follow Every Time You Ride a Motorcycle

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise down the road on a motorcycle. Not only is it an enjoyable way to get around, but it can also be an affordable way to get around. It costs less to fill a motorcycle tank compared to the gas tank in a car, and because of that, driving a motorcycle is more environmentally-friendly too!

That doesn’t mean driving or riding on a motorcycle is safer. Because your entire body is exposed, you are much more likely to end up with severe or life-threatening injuries if you are involved in an accident compared to other vehicles.

Fortunately, there are multiple things you can and should do to keep yourself safe every time you find yourself on a motorcycle.

Wear a Helmet

If you do nothing else on this list, at least make sure you wear a helmet when you ride on a motorcycle.

When in a motorcycle accident, it’s common to experience symptoms that include dizziness, balance problems, and confusion, among many others. If you aren’t wearing a helmet, your symptoms will be much worse. You may suffer from a long-term brain injury or you may end up in a coma.

You can greatly minimize the type and severity of your symptoms if you wear a helmet. Just make sure you choose the right one.

Make sure the helmet you choose is rated for use on a motorcycle. It’s also a good idea to wear a helmet with a face shield to protect your eyes and face while riding.

Wear the Right Clothing

You don’t have to think very hard about what you’re wearing when you hop into the car. The same definitely isn’t true if you’re hopping on a motorcycle.

There are many everyday pieces of clothing you shouldn’t wear when you’re on a motorcycle, as they can increase your chances of experiencing an injury. They include things like flip flops, tank tops, and shorts.

Instead, you should wear things like:

  • Pants and a jacket
  • Motorcycle boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes
  • Gloves to protect your hands

Be a Defensive Rider

Being a defensive driver when you’re driving a car is a great way to reduce your chances of experiencing an accident when you’re on the road. It’s even more important when you’re riding a motorcycle since an accident can be much more devastating when you’re on two wheels.

Being a defensive driver means assuming that other drivers on the road can’t see you and driving accordingly. Always ride with your headlights on, never drive in another vehicle’s blind spot, and always signal whenever you’re making a turn.

Wearing reflective clothing can help too. If you don’t have any items that are reflective, wear bright colors when you’re riding instead of black so you can easily be seen on the road.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Every vehicle should have a first aid kit. However, what you include in a first aid kit for the car is going to be different than what you put in your motorcycle’s first aid kit, simply because you’re likely to have a lot less space!

For example, instead of packing a bottle of antiseptic wash, pack antiseptic wipes to save room. Adhesive bandages are a must, but you should also consider packing things like hand sanitizer, adhesive tape, and antibiotic ointment.

Although carrying a first aid kit will take up storage space, it’s important since you’re more likely to get a little banged up riding a bike than driving a car.

Make Sure Your Bike Is Safe to Ride Every Time

The only thing worse than getting into an accident due to someone else’s negligence is finding yourself in an accident because your bike was unsafe to ride.

Make sure your bike is safe every single time you’re ready to drive. Check the tires, make sure your signals are working properly, and clean your mirrors.

Of course, it’s also important to make sure you professionally maintain your bike as well. That means getting the oil changed regularly and scheduling inspections to uncover problems before they have the potential to cause an accident.

Driving a motorcycle and giving others a ride can be a lot of fun! However, that fun will end fast if you end up in the hospital after an accident. Follow these tips and you can protect yourself from serious injuries so you can hop back on your bike sooner rather than later.

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