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Advice needed, EK3 Civic

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Advice needed, EK3 Civic

Postby unciviclized » January 1st, 2023, 3:21 pm

Good day,

I recently overhauled my suspension both back and front. When I got back the car from the mechanic the back especially the left side was higher than usual. He said the shock absorber was stuck despite it being fine before I sent it in. I replaced the shocks and still the back is high. However the main issue I am having is that when the rear comes into contact with any bumps on the road it swerves on the side where the bump was. I got the car aligned and cambered twice already and nothing seems to be helping with this issue. The springs were not changed. Any advice on what can be causing this?

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Re: Advice needed, EK3 Civic

Postby Zalos » January 5th, 2023, 9:49 pm

Only thing I can think of is if they bolt on the lower cutlass arm wrong.


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