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Nissan Cube 2004 Radio removal

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Nissan Cube 2004 Radio removal

Postby squinty_eye » June 1st, 2013, 7:12 pm

Hi Guys, just in case anyone needed to know how to replace your stock Nissan Cube 2004 Radio.

Step 1: Remove the two screws below the coin holder which is to the left of the cigarette lighter.

Step 2: Pull out the coin holder, by pulling it out as far as it can go, then push down the metal flap inside the coin holder and will come out by pulling forward.

Step 3: With the coin holder removed it should be easy to pull out the front plastic which houses the A/C vents, hazard light button and shift mode button. It may be a bit difficult to fully remove as you have to disconnect the cables behind the hazard and shift buttons.

Step 4: To fully remove this plastic housing you also have to remove the cable connecting to the cigarette lighter below.

Step 5: Remove the four screws holding the radio and DVD/Navigation unit (if there is one).

Step 6: Disconnect the cables behind the radio and DVD unit.

All you need now is to get a Metra audio cable harness for the Nissan Cube so you don't have to cut the wires, add your new deck and enjoy the ride.

You can even add your own 1 DIN android DVD player with GPS and WiFi/bluetooth from ChinaVision

With a wifi hotspot from Digicel or Bmobile you can surf the web use google maps or park close to a bzone or FLOW F-spot and download movies.


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