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2024 SQ and IQC rules

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2024 SQ and IQC rules

Postby SR » September 11th, 2023, 6:24 pm

2024 IASCA SQC and IQC rules are now available. Go to, click on Sound Quality, then on 2024 SQC IQC Rules.

We will begin to use these rules for the 3X Kickoff at World Finals, Oct 14 & 15 in Birmingham, AL. Be sure to register for this online! Any events before Oct 14 will continue to use the 2023 rules and any event after Oct 15 will use the new 2024 rules.

2024 SQC tracklist can be found at It is also on the IASCA website menu bar at the top.

There are a lot of changes. Here are some highlights:
SQC and IQC rules merged into one book (50 pages!).
Classes at the top of the class structure has changed. Note that the new Pro 2 does NOT mean 2 seat as it has in prior years. It is just the 2nd level of Pro. Old Pro/AM = Pro 1, old Pro = Pro 2, New = Pro 3 (includes single and two seat SQ), old Expert 1 + Expert 2 = new Expert.
Pro 3 and Expert require IQC and SPL (old school!). This is replacing Triple Crown.
Better download all the music before being judged, because it's going to be scored.
Sound Linearity has changed to just Loud Spectral Balance.
Ergonomics criteria and points have changed.
Scoring in IQC presentation has changed to max 5 points for each line item.
Photo log book has changed to install visibility.


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