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Ford Fiesta Review in TT

Posted: August 26th, 2014, 10:51 pm
by jdk-phizz
Hi, I am seriously considering purchasing a 2014 ford fiesta soon, I really like the car. But I'm wondering what the after-care service is like for the vehicle and what kind of re-sale value does it have compared to other cars in it's range.

Re: Ford Fiesta Review in TT

Posted: February 12th, 2015, 8:13 pm
by damieG82
Just bumping this post with a response.... we have a 2013 Fiesta sedan. Unfortunately the verdict on the car has been largely negative, not just from the issues that have occurred (but can happen with any car), but the dealer's response... or lack thereof... to addressing the problems.

Issues experienced include (in order of occurrence):

. erratic cold start idle, even backfiring on occasion... experienced from brand new, still not fixed

. rattling instrument binnacle... reported 3 times, still not fixed

. malfunctioning steering column (knocks at parking speeds & would not self-centre)... reported 8 times and "fixed" 8 times, finally acknowledged it should be changed as a warranty claim, waited 3 months from Oct 2014 for part to be shipped but they never ordered it, waiting another 6 weeks for air freighting of part (it's coming from the moon apparently)

. "excessive" vibration at standstill with transmission in drive (beyond what normally wearing engine mounts would cause)... no acknowledgement of an issue

. this one is the dealer's fault... at 20k KMs service they failed to replace the brake pads resulting in them wearing to nothing and damaging the rotors. Pads were replaced, but brakes squeak like a beotch now and vibrates when slowing from highway speeds. Now arguing with them to replace the damaged rotors as well

As I mentioned before, issues with cars, even new ones, are not uncommon. Have personally or indirectly observed varying degrees of issues with other makes like Toyota, Honda, VW, Kia, and Nissan, but it's the dealer's willingness to respond that can win back some confidence from the customer, and make the ownership experience a largely enjoyable one regardless. Sadly Ansa Auto has killed my love for the car and turned me off from buying another, or most likely any other make Ansa Auto sells tbh.

In the coming months, after the issues are resolved (and trust me, they will even if I hadda turn ole nikka in that dealership), I'll be reevaluating if to keep it for a while longer, or cut my losses and sell

Re: Ford Fiesta Review in TT

Posted: September 16th, 2015, 5:29 am
by Shaquon
Hmm, thanks I was just about to buy one. Anyone else had/is having a similar experience?