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Traffic - UWI-Macoya & Surroundings

Traffic Alerts from around T&T posted and updated by users.

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Traffic - UWI-Macoya & Surroundings

Postby vin123 » November 27th, 2013, 9:58 am

Location: Macoya Lights, EMR, UWI
Street Name:
Morning Tuners....
Since 5:30am traffic from the Highway heading East by Macoya Lights being diverted to EMR.
EPIC Traffic. Saw a highway patrol and one AD wagon across the road but don't know if it was an accident.
Left Gym 8:00am and every where still gridlocked down to UWI.
Just walked out by the Market and still traffic all over. Saw Traffic Wardens allowing cars to go on the PBR.
Head from a market vendor and they said a robbery by Johnson& Johnson took place with some security van or something of the sorts.
Even side streets jammed up :S
be safe everyone


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