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EULA - End User License Agreement.

About TriniTuner.com and our End User License Agreement / Forum Rules.

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EULA - End User License Agreement.

Postby Admin » April 6th, 2013, 1:53 am

Website and Forum Rules
Welcome to the Trinituner.com forums.

Website: https://www.trinituner.com
Phone and WhatsApp: 68-TUNER (1-868-688-8637)

DISCLAIMER: All communications made available as part of this forum and any opinions, advice, statements, views or other information expressed in this forum are solely provided by, and the responsibility of, the person posting such communication and not that of TriniTuner.com, TriniTuner Co. Ltd, its Directors, Administrators and Moderators.

In order to keep things running smoothly, we ask all members to take note of the following:
This is a private forum and membership is at the absolute discretion of the Forum Owner / Administrators.
Users are permitted to register one username only. We DO NOT allow multiple accounts per user. If we find that you are using more than one account, we will ban BOTH or ALL your accounts.

Usernames that are offensive or which contain excessive special characters may be truncated or edited entirely by the administrators. Please use a username that is not offensive and one that is easy for other users to replicate when addressing you in a discussion or sending you messages or replies.

By registering and posting, users agree to ALL our forum rules and regulations.

Powerseller status is for users who wish to post many items for sale, new or used. (See below for more info)

We WILL NOT tolerate libel, slander, racist or racial remarks, name calling, ranting or any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, speculative, derogatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or otherwise violates any law of Trinidad & Tobago.We WILL NOT tolerate blatant campaigning.

Such content will be deleted and the poster’s account will be suspended/ejected without notification.

Commercial or business complaints are not allowed. If you have a problem with a company please send it to the Consumer Affairs Division or the T&T Bureau of Standards.

Posts that are clearly offensive politically, racially, sexually or otherwise will be deleted with no notification to the original poster.

DO NOT advertise in the tech forums. Forum rooms such as Tech Stuff, Manufacturer Specific, Car Audio Tech and Trucks & Pick-ups etc. are places to post questions and get advice. We do not allow advertising there. Therefore when a user asks for advice or a technical support please post the answer or solution; DO NOT post “Contact XYZ Ltd.” unless the user specifically asked for a contact number or after the question has been answered or solution given. Unsolicited posts will be deleted and the user banned.

Please do not make reposts or post questions on topics that have already been answered. Please use the Search feature first to see if there are any topics related to your question before posting.

Please only make topics that are relevant to the forum you are posting in – irrelevant topics will be moved to their relevant forum room or will be deleted if another topic already exists without warning.

Please keep all your off topic posts all in one thread (e.g Rants, Jokes, announcements) – Many single threads with single topics from the same user posted very soon after the other will be deleted.

If a member continues to post these types of posts, their membership will be canceled.

If you are moderated and you wish to discuss it, PM the moderators or the administrator.

If you have concerns with a post made in the forum, PM the moderators or the administrator or use the Report Post button .

Stirring trouble in the forums will result in a canceled membership in this, & affiliated forums.

No calling people out. e.g. starting a thread to ask something of someone, you have Private Messaging for that.

Forum Moderators names appear in green. Moderators are regular users who have volunteered their services, screened and voted in to help with daily maintenance on the forums. Moderators are not employees of TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd.. Moderators are entitled to their own opinion and do not represent TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd. when they post their opinion. Like regular users, they only represent themselves when posting their opinion or point-of-view.

Spamming the forum is absolutely not allowed. No user is allowed to post spam or to spam other users via email or private messages.

Photographers and Editors names appear in black. Photographers and Editors are regular users who have volunteered their services and screened to help with contributing content. Photographers and Editors are not necessarily employees of TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd.. Photographers and Editors are entitled to their own opinion and do not represent TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd. when they post their opinion. Like regular users, they only represent themselves when posting their opinion or point-of-view.

Forum PowerSellers names appear in red. Powersellers are paying advertisers and do not represent TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd in any way; implied or otherwise. TriniTuner.com and TriniTuner Co. Ltd is not liable or responsible for transactions between Powersellers and users or buyers. Powersellers are entitled to their own opinion and do not represent TriniTuner.com or TriniTuner Co. Ltd. when they post their opinion. Like regular users, they only represent themselves when posting their opinion or point-of-view.

Forum Administrators names appear in dark blue. If you have any problems with your account, another user, a post or any issue at all on regarding TriniTuner.com please do not hesitate to contact an administrator by sending them a PM (private message) or sending an email to info@trinituner.com. DO NOT post questions about the rules posted here on the forums as users may take it upon themselves to respond when they are not in the capacity to do so; please direct all concerns to an administrator directly via PM or email.

Forum Owner / Administrator reserves the right to modify forum rules as and when deemed necessary. Such rules will be binding for all members.

Business/Personal Complaints not allowed on this forum
These topics are very subjective,especially if the party in question is not on the forum to counter any arguements against them.
There are often 3 sides to a story: Your side, their side and the truth. We only want the truth posted here.
Since we cannot investigate complaints, we cannot determine if the statements made are entirely true and so we cannot allow these complaints to be posted here. If we allow users to post libellous or slanderous statements, legal action may be taken against us as publishers.

Any posts with business or personal complaints will be deleted.
If you feel that you were the subject of fraud or bad business practices, we strongly advise that you seek the services of the Police, Fraud Squad and the Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Legal Affairs. They are the correct authorities to deal with your issues properly and will offer you recourse.
We appreciate that users may feel they are helping other users with vital information so that they may avoid these places in question, however posting complaints is not in any way the purpose of this forum. Getting the proper authorities to deal with the offender is the best way to ensure the ENTIRE public is saved instead of just the readers of this forum.

DISCLAIMER: Trinituner.com, TriniTuner Co. Ltd, its Directors, Administrators and Moderators (We) are NOT responsible for transactions conducted between users via our forums. The responsibility of conducting fair trade lies SOLELY between the buyer and the seller. We will not accept liability for deals or transactions gone bad. Nor be responsible for taking action to correct such.

If you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to send an email to info@trinituner.com with your concerns.

Avatars, signatures and locations
As long as it is appropriate, you can use any image you want for your avatar. Keep in mind that your avatar can be no larger than 15 KB in size or 100×100 pixels in dimension.
Please be advised that due to users placing large images, advertising and extensive text as their signatures and so creating excessive load on the servers, we have had to reduce allowed signature sizes.
For all those wishing to attach sigs to their post, please be aware of the following:
Signatures MUST be auto related. NO pics containing any nude or suggestive content in any shape, way or form posing (even if it’s on or near a car) will be allowed and will be immediately deleted WITHOUT notice.

Signature text can be no longer than 160 characters. That’s the same length as a SMS text message, which is more than sufficient for a signature. Text must be small (no larger than size 12 in bbcode or 3 in HTML).
Image size has been reduced to 350×19 pixels. That is the same size of a userbar image. There are many sites that can help you to create your own userbar to use in your signature file. Only one image is allowed but it can be animated and under 50K.

Absolutely no commercial advertising/announcements will be allowed in signature files, text or images without powerseller status. External website URLS are NOT allowed without powerseller status. Please use the www button for posting your website address in your profile. It will show at the footer of each of your posts.
Absolutely no animated advertising will be allowed in signature files or avatars. Advertising (even for powersellers) is for the classified forums only. When you place animated ads in your signature or avatar you overtly promote your sales when you post in technical and lounge forums where direct sales and advertising are not allowed. Therefore this will not be allowed. If you wish to paste a signature at the end of each of your FS posts in the classifieds with an animated ad then that would be fine. But animated signatures in Tech and Lounge forums will not be tolerated.

Users may place a single link to an ad for an item they have for sale in the classifieds forums ONLY. Anything else will be deleted. Please See the subsection “Classifieds” lower down.

PowerSellers cannot use image ads in signatures.

Political, Religious or opinionated topics are for the “ole talk and more ole talk” or dedicated Political forum only and will not be allowed in signatures, avatars or locations since these items are seen in all forums and is not the kind of content we want in technical forums being broadcasted to all users.

Harassing other users on the forum is NOT allowed. This includes posting their personal or public photos or likeness despite their disapproval. Continuing such activity will result in your account being banned.

Keep ALL your or other user’s personal and public squabbles, disagreements, fights and issues OFF of the forum.

Playing of pranks on other users is not allowed. We have noticed a growing trend in suggesting users contact other users on the forum as a prank. This is not allowed.BAITING USERS IS AGAINST OUR FORUMS RULES AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. PLAYING PRANKS ON OTHER USERS IS AGAINST OUR FORUMS RULES AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.It is against the forum rules to reply or start a thread suggesting that someone sends a PM or any contact to another user knowing very well that the other user cannot help them. Users have been doing this as a prank. Doing so will get you banned.e.g. User1 asks a question and you reply with “PM user3, he can help you” knowing very well that you are just playing a prank on user3 and user1 who asked the question since you know user3 cannot help, but you hope user1 spams user3 in the process.Regardless of the motive, any user found doing this will be instantly banned for a week. They will be permanently banned for their second offense. Once the suggestion to contact a user is not genuine your account will be banned.Please act accordingly.

Any avatars or signatures deemed inappropriate due to content or size WILL be deleted immediately and without notice and the user ejected.

Bumps are limited to 1 every 12 hours and no more.
Bumping multiple threads (more than 2; 4 for powersellers) in a forum will be considered spamming and the offender’s account will be suspended.

Users can bump another user’s/powerseller’s thread only ONCE. Users found bumping another user’s thread more than once will be banned. If a user/powerseller wants you to bump their thread for them, then let them give you their log-in. Simple.In light of this if a powerseller wants his “employees” to bump their threads for them then they MUST let the employee log in with the powerseller account. No exceptions.This makes it fair and equal for everyone.

We currently have no absolute method of limiting bumps per day. In light of this and at this time there is no real limit to the amount of times you can bump your own FS or WTB thread in the classifieds. However discretion is advised when bumping. We suggest no more than 2 bumps per day. Any more and you will risk looking desperate and would aggravate other users who could very well be your potential customers.

Please only use one account. Making more than one account is against our terms of service and the second account will be banned permanently. if you continue to create alternate accounts then ALL your accounts will be banned permanently. If you are having problems logging in, please use the “forgot password” link on the login screen or if send an email to info@trinituner.com from the email address that you registered with and an administrator will fix your account for you. The same goes if you want to change your username. DO NOT make another account under any circumstances.

Uploading Images
Do not upload pornographic material. it will be removed immediately and your account will be suspended / ejected.

In TriniTuner.com version 3.0 (the version you are using now), you can insert an image into your post by using the “Attachment” area when making a new post.
Attachments are only for images that are on your hard drive
If an image is on the net then you DO NOT need to upload it in order to post in your message
All you have to do is place the address for the image between img tags and it will show up in your post:
To get the address for an image on a website, right click on the image you want to post and click properties a dialogue box will pop up and the address for the image alone will be shown where it says “Address (URL)”
select and copy the entire address from http:// to .jpg or .gif
now return to your post and paste the address you just copied between these
tags and when you submit your message the image will show be sure that the address you paste is for an image and not a page.
This goes for signature images as well
Large images
If your images are larger than 500KB in size or too large to upload as an attachment, you can use a free service to host your images:
You can upload your images HERE:
Or if you prefer to use an external site for larger images
ImageShack is a free image hosting solution. It can be used to share pictures with friends, post images on message boards. It can also be used to direct link images from your personal website or eBay auction. And best of all, it’s completely free.
Just follow the simple instructions on the site. They allow for the upload of .gif, and .jpg with a maximum size of 600KB.
Pics are available for up to 1 year .
Image Resizer
Or if you prefer to use an external site for larger images

Only YOUR personal items may be posted for sale in these forums. This service is FREE.
Powerseller status is required for users who wish to post many items for sale, new or used. (See section on Powerseller Status below)
Commercial or for-profit sales are strictly prohibited without Power Seller status, and will be promptly deleted with no notice to the poster.
Users who wish to post many items for sale are required to apply for powerseller status.
Find out more about our advertising packages here
Powerseller payments are non-refundable due to the nature of the service.
When posting items for sale, pls. ensure that a “FS” (For Sale) or “WTB” (Wanted to buy) is put in front of the message title. “EOI” (Expression Of Interest) may also be used to gauge interest in a particular item.
IMPORTANT: In fairness, users are asked to post no more than 2 simultaneous FS posts in any one classified forum. Powersellers are asked to post no more than 4 simultaneous FS posts in any one classified forum. This will help maintain the variety of items and sellers which will keep visitors returning to our forums thereby improving your own sales.

DISCLAIMER: Trinituner.com, TriniTuner Co. Ltd, its Directors, Administrators and Moderators (We) are NOT responsible for transactions conducted between users via our forums. The responsibility of conducting fair trade lies SOLELY between the buyer and the seller. We will not accept liability for deals gone bad. Nor be responsible for taking action to correct such.

e.g. You cannot blame the telephone company if you agree to buy a car over the phone and the deal goes bad.

There has been an enormous increase in the number of cell phones being sold in the forums, often times undercutting legitimate powersellers and sponsor/supporters of the Trinituner.com site. The PowerSeller system is our way of ensuring that we can continue to provide an audience and an outlet to those hoping to build their business.
Some may find it unfair, but it’s a necessity in order to prolong and improve the site.
Personal one-off sales will always be free to those wishing to get rid of items they no longer need. When it becomes obvious that sales are being done for-profit or as a trading post, things must be put in place to protect our Power Sellers.
Multiple, similar items by the same user will be deleted without notice. Any sellers’ items reasonably deemed to be commercial will also be deleted with no notice given.
NO user will be permitted to post items for sale “for a friend”. It is free to register on trinituner. Let your friend register and post the items for themselves.
Similarly Powersellers CANNOT post items for other users. Your Powerseller account is for YOU and YOUR business ONLY. We DO NOT allow powersellers to sublet-out their status and facility. You can only post your own contact information for items posted for sale.
A powerseller cannot use their powerseller status to advertise a service for another entity and make the user contact that other entity directly unless that other entity has powerseller status. If Powersellers wish for users to contact their employees on the forum directly then their employees must have powerseller status too. A user cannot sell on behalf of a powerseller unless they have a powerseller account or if the powerseller gives them access to his account.
A Power Seller account is for ONE business only. You cannot sublet your power seller status to others. if you have more than one business you would need to apply for a Power Seller account for each if you wish to place ads for them on TriniTuner.com.
You DO NOT need powerseller status to have stickies or global announcements. However ALL your advertising must be done inside that sticky or global announcement; if you wish to advertise in your signature or avatar or reply to users in OTHER threads besides your own sticky or global, you will require powerseller status.
It is against our forum rules to state for example “don’t call or PM me directly, please call John Doe at 555-4434″. Technically that is advertising for someone else. You can only post your own contact information for items posted for sale.
Please keep in mind we DO NOT allow multiple accounts per user. If we find that you are using more than one account, we will ban BOTH accounts.
Powerseller status allows you to post many items or commercially in the classified forums ONLY.
You cannot start a commercial thread or post ads in any other forum other than the classifieds; you cannot post your ad in the Ole Talk forum. You CAN reply to a thread/post by another user in the Ole Talk forum with information about your products or services only if it is relevant, however you cannot bump such a thread that you have already posted commercially in.
You MUST post ONLY in the classified forum that is RELEVANT to the product or service you are advertising. You cannot post a car part in the Miscellaneous Bargain Center nor can you post a TV in the Cars & Auto Parts forum. If your product can also be used in a car e.g. an orthopedic seat backrest, you need to decide whether you want to market it as a car part OR as a Miscellaneous item – it CANNOT be both. Similarly, an MP3 player can either be Car Audio or Miscellaneous but it CANNOT be both – etc etc.

Sale of animals:
If you are posting animals for sale, litter of pups for sale, dogs, stud services, lining and breeding services etc these are considered to be commercial activity and your post(s) will be deleted without warning.

Users wishing to carry out this activity will have to pay for advertising, either through sticky or global announcement ads or for powerseller status.

We cannot allow our free service to be abused.

You can read more about advertising here

Tazers, pepper spray, mace, whip sticks, bb guns, paintball guns, compressed canisters, ammunition, accessories etc. are NOT allowed AT ALL on our forums.
We will not allow any user to post these items for sale/trade/free, not even powersellers.
We will not allow users to request these items either. WTB and FS posts for these items will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders will be banned.

Power Sellers contribute to the running costs of the site. Non-PowerSeller users suspected of selling commercially will be warned via PM by a moderator or administrator and will have their posts deleted. Disregarding the warning and reposting or creating new posts with items for sale will result in your account being immediately disabled. Your ability to send PMs may also be disabled if it is suspected that you are doing business via PM.
In the interest of full disclosure, please note that the administrators of this board may use alternate accounts for the investigation of these sales.
If you wish to discuss this policy, please PM one of the administrators or moderators of the site.
We are no more than a facilitator of an online communications medium and are in no way bound to the sale or agreements made herein.
Please use your discretion when conducting any business transaction.
The Power Seller status costs TT$600 for 6 months, payable upfront.
6 Months is the minimum period offered. Powerseller status cannot be paused and resumed.
Powerseller payments are made through PayPal or at any branch of ScotiaBank. Powerseller payments are non-refundable.
Powerseller status is ONLY a service where we offer the facility for a user to post up to 4 commercial/non commercial ads in each relevant classified forum. Services such as post cleanup, dealing with negative comments, spam, other users, competitors, moving ads and other management etc etc is completely at the discretion of the administrators and NOT part of the paid service. As a powerseller you can feel free to contact info@trinituner.com if you are having any problems with your ads or our forums.
Powersellers are NOT allowed to send unsolicited messages via posts, PM or email to our users. Ads are to be posted in the relevant classified sections ONLY according to our forum rules.
Even if you don’t own or operate a business but would like to use trinituner.com to sell many items, Powerseller status is required.
Please read ALL the forum rules before applying for powerseller status. By paying for the service you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We do not allow illegal activity of any kind on our website and the fee is non-refundable.
Posts not directly related to the item being sold/bought will be deleted without notice.
Posts advertising, selling or giving away pirated or stolen items WILL be deleted.


We do not allow the transactions of, the sale of nor the request to buy dangerous weapons such as tasers, stun guns etc., pepper spray, mace etc., bb guns, pellet guns, paint ball guns/markers etc., ammunition, CO2 canisters, compressed air etc., etc. on these forums or classifieds. Powerseller or not.
Paying for powerseller status does not make you immune to being banned or temporarily suspended. As a powerseller you can still be banned, without refund, if you fail to comply with our rules.
Lowballing will not be tolerated in the “For Sale” forums whether it is Power Seller posted or not.
If you do not agree with the price on an item you are welcome to make a reasonable offer via PM to the original poster. You are not permitted to post lowball offers in the For Sale thread.
If you are not interested in buying the item please refrain from commenting negatively, regardless of the comment. Any post that does not help the sale will be deleted. This includes derogatory comments about the price or comments in vendor threads that you can get it here or there for X price.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a temporary ban.
Repeat offenders will lose their privilege to post in all for sale sections.
Also please note that it is not acceptable to highjack a for sale thread with your own items for sale. It is acceptable to post if the Original Poster’s item is sold and you want to offer the other posters the same item for sale.
The Classifieds forums are not to be used as a form of free advertising for any business or other profit making enitity.
If you would like to advertise your business and/or products, please click the link below and see how easy and affordable it is to advertise on TriniTuner.com.
Power Seller
Powerseller status is for users who wish to post many items for sale, new or used.
If you do not own a business but would like to post many items for sale using our free service, then we require that you pay for Power Seller status.
If you do run a small, at-home business you may be interested in our Power Seller package which allows businesses to post “For Sale” posts in our Classified Ads forums.
You can pay for Power Seller status via PayPal to info@trinituner.com or by using the “Pay Now” button for PowerSeller status under “Advertising Packages” on this page:
If you do not wish to use PayPal or your credit Card, you can deposit the payment at any branch of ScotiaBank.
Please email info@trinituner.com for more info
A Power Seller account is for ONE business only. You cannot sublet your power seller status to others. if you have more than one business you would need to apply for a Power Seller account for each if you wish to place ads for them on TriniTuner.com.
Your payment for PowerSeller status is for the space and ability to place your ads according to our terms of service only. Securing your data is not a feature of the PowerSeller package. If your ad, topics, posts, view count, replies etc are lost or deleted, we are not responsible for your data. Please save text versions of your posts as a .txt file on your own PC each time you make an update to ensure nothing is lost.
We will try our best to maintain the integrity of every post on our database, however we do not guarantee it as part of the PowerSeller package.
For more details on rules please see “Classifieds” section above.
Job Vacancies
Depending on the situation involved we sometimes allow users to post asking for job vacancies so they can get help. However we DO NOT allow companies to post vacancies on our forums for free.
The difference is that we don’t mind helping an individual user, a fellow user who needs a job to support themselves. However a company posting a vacancy would have to pay the newspaper, radio or TV to post that vacancy for them. The company hires an employee who gets paid to do the job, the company makes profit off of the job done and both parties are happy while we get a nice big thanks, over and over and over again. It costs us to keep the site running.
To find out more about advertising on our website click here

Reporting a post
Valid reports will be dealt with in a timely manner. To report a post that is offensive or against forum rules, simply click the report post button of the specific post. Be sure to write a thorough reason for reporting the post and include any necessary information.
Reported posts are dealt with in queue, if there are many reported posts it may take a while for all the mods to go through all the reported posts.
It is to the mods discretion to respond to a report. if the mod feels it is not a serious infraction that would require action then the report can be ignored. Users who continuously make false reports and waste moderator’s time will be banned. We do however appreciate all valid reports as it helps to keep the forum clean of spam.

Guidelines For Posting
In order to ensure that the forums remain useful and accessible to everyone, we ask that you follow these simple rules:
Please pay attention to the topic of your messages, and check that you are posting it in the appropriate section. Create a concise subject that adequately summarizes your topic. For example, say “Problem with R32 brake conversion”, rather than “Help!” or “WTK”. Do not advertise or post Classified ads in the technical forums. Unsolicited posts will be deleted.
Search the forums using the search at the top of the page before you post your topic to ensure that it has not bee posted before. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved, and this avoids you having to wait for an answer.
It is almost never appropriate to send the same message to two forums. This clutters up the forum with unnecessary posts.
Please note the EDIT function. Rather than double posting, hit the edit button and change/add to your post. If you make a double post, or wish to remove a post, you can delete using the little X in the top right of any posts made by you.
Especially for the technical forums, please try use complete sentences and words in your post, and try to make sure proper spelling and punctuation are observed. Be descriptive by trying give the best possible explanation you can. Others will be able to help you better if you take the time to write your posts correctly
PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE POST IN CAPS. This is the Internet equivalent of shouting.
Please search for your post using the “View your posts” link at the top of the page and bump the existing one, rather than creating a new post. This is especially for the users of the Classified forums. Powersellers should NOT have more than 4 simultaneous for sale threads in any one classified forums so everyone will have an equal opportunity. Flooding the forum will only drive away potential customers.
Please avoid asking questions that could be answered by doing a little research on your own part. Do not rely on forum users to spoon-feed you all of the answers. This will also avoid your post being flamed.
Be patient. All the participants of this forum are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time. If your question is not answered immediately, do not clutter up the forum by “bumping” topics unnecessarily.
Give feedback. If someone helps you by answering your question, try to add a follow-up response letting them know if it worked or not.
If you disagree with someone, find a constructive way of resolving the issue. Do not resort to swearing and putting others down. We are all here to share ideas and experiences. Take all personal grudges off the forum to PM or to your own personal email battles.
Try to read posts carefully before you reply, so you can respond with pertinent information. If someone asks a question, and you are not confident of the answer, then refrain from posting and let a more qualified person answer it. This is especially important with regards to technical enquiries, as any incorrect information you post may cause harm or injury to others.
We use VigLink and Google Adsense code on our forums and web pages. Links to other products and services may appear in posts you make. We have no control over which words are linked or not in your post as these are controlled by the respective javascript code. By posting on our forums you agree to comply with these links placed in your post. These links cannot be altered by us.
Use the report post button, at the top of each post, if you notice something that contravenes the rules. Our moderators cannot read everything.
Deliberate contravention of the rules may result in PM or a public notice from a moderator or admin, followed by immediate temporary ban in the case of persistence, and possibly immediate permanent ban. For repeated inappropriate behaviour immediate ban may occur. How it plays out will be judged according to the member’s willingness to respect the intellect of others as well as his own well-being.
Thank you for complying with our Terms of Service. This is a legally binding agreement.
Simple English Version:
If you insist on being difficult, you will be banned.
Revised 2nd June, 2005
Revised 21st Nov, 2005 – Avatars and sigs
Revised 8th January, 2006 – Sigs – No nudity or suggestive content!
Revised 20th Feb 2006 – PowerSeller protection, non-PS procedures.
Revised 5th Aug 2006 – Job Vacancies
Revised 11th Aug 2006 – Guidelines For Posting
Revised 2nd Sept 2006 – Lowballing (undermining) FS threads
Revised 19th Oct, 2006 – Avatars and sigs & Uploading Images
Revised 3rd Jan, 2007 – Avatars and sigs & Classifieds
Revised 2nd May, 2009 – Av and sigs – no animated advertising
Revised 12th Dec, 2009 – Bumps
Revised 24th March, 2010 – Pranks not allowed.
Revised 10th May, 2010 – Version 3.0 amendments and link changes.
Revised 8th December, 2010 – Changed contact link for users to get more info on powerseller status.
TriniTuner.com Moderators and Administrators

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