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Engine Hard Start

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Engine Hard Start

Postby Mark11k » January 31st, 2021, 9:37 am

Hello every one,

I need some help here.
I have a ford Ranger XLT , TCD High Rider ,Automatic 4x2 model 2.5l with the Rail WE engine.
Giving Trouble to start when cold.
Mechanic Check - Pressure test- did 220,
All Glow plugs good,
primer pump good,
Heater cutting off at 6 seconds,
Battery good 950 Cranking Amps,
Engine doing just over 200k,
Service injectors while installed,
Also scan the van 3 Times- Noting showing up, different scanner guys.

Can anyone tell me what may be causing this. The mechanic say that the engine don't need to be redone as its not vibrating rough when started, and its not black smoking, its smoking a little only when start up. When the engine is hot its starting ok.
Anyone can you advise me whats the issue. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Engine Hard Start

Postby ruskie » April 20th, 2021, 9:47 am

I have a 3.0 L thunder, 200 k on the engine. Same symptoms for over a year. Did all what you did. Glow plugs, service injectors, new battery, check compression. Used to take 6 to 8 secs to start after clicking the glow plug light 10 times before starting. About 3 weeks ago, started getting worse. Got a new battery... Same thing. Sent the starter to get rewired and now it starting like it new out the shop. Also, my mechanic, a few months ago did not like how the starter wiring looked and redid the cabling to it. Now, I am not repeatedly lighting the coil light and it is starting in 2 to 3 seconds, even if I leave it for a few days.


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