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KVTV founder Eric McLean has passed away

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KVTV founder Eric McLean has passed away

Postby Duane 3NE 2NR » April 11th, 2024, 11:05 pm

Condolences go out to the friends and family and the entire motorsport fraternity both locally and regionally on the passing of one of local motor racing’s media personalities Eric McLean aka English at KVTV (Kelly Village TV). He was always very enthusiastic about motor sport and worked wonders with what little resources he had. Eric you will be missed.

Police said a post-mortem has been ordered after the decomposing body of a UK national was found in Caroni.

The deceased has been identified as Eric McLean, 58, of Tottenham Lane in Kelly Village.

Authorities said around 12:50 pm on Wednesday, residents of the area detected a foul stench and notified the police.

A team of officers led by Cpl Sing responded and made their way to McLean's apartment, where they found the body on the ground in an advanced state of decomposition.

Police were told that McLean was last seen live on April 5.

Authorities said due to the body's condition, a post-mortem has been ordered to confirm the cause of death, to officially rule out foul play. ... und-caroni


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