Freightliner CNG Truck Launch

Freightliner CNG Truck Launch

ANSA Motors in conjunction with Daimler Latina has increased its diversity and competitiveness in heavy commercial vehicles with the introduction of the Freightliner brand of CNG powered compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks.  The unveiling at Diamond Motors Headquarters, Richmond Street on August 25th, 2016, enabled specially invited guests to view and get a firsthand outlook of the Freightliner series of trucks.

Rishi Basdeo, General Manager at Diamond motors stated that both the Freightliner and Daimler brands originate from the same entity and that the local commercial sector for heavy commercial vehicles with the current brand, Fuso holds approximately over 55% market share.  Thereby, with the incorporation of Daimler into the market, the company stands to reap greater benefits within their portfolio as it pertains to market share by engaging proper positioning and targeting the right segments with this brand.

Additionally, the increasing costs of fuel make it more economical for the usage of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles as it also offers many advantages including, lower carbon content making it environmentally friendly, reduced maintenance costs on vehicles and greater performance advantages.

Managing Director, Mercedes Benz/Freightliner Latin American and the Caribbean, Jamie Cohen indicated the importance for ANSA Motors to introduce the Freightliner Brand to Trinidad and Tobago’s markets as the scope for trucks (CNG) is a ground-breaking enterprise from technology to implementation taking into consideration the environment and keeping it cleaner.

The OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) Freightliner trucks are adaptable to those involved in the heavy industrial sector to individual businessmen.  These vehicles come with full service and support from specially trained staff at ANSA Motors.

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